Who Am I?

bomber 4

Photo by: Josh Moody

Who am I? Just guess, guys wanna touch my chest-KIDDING! Just showing my age.

My name is Layla Lane Cooper and I am a life enthusiast living in one of the World’s greatest cities, Toronto! The 6ix! T-Dot! T.O! Turonno! etc…..etc…

I created Wear Black, Drink White, a fashion and lifestyle blog, as an outlet to explore my style evolution and love of cooking, interior decorating, DIY, beauty, travel and more (if there’s more). Growing up I didn’t read Harry Potter novels I read FASHION (Magazine) and was stoked when staying home sick (playing sick) to watch The Food Network and Martha Stewart Living all day; thus you can start to figure out who I am.

The two questions I ask myself everyday are “what am I going to wear?” and “what am I going to eat?“; and with that Wear Black, Drink White is born.

Reading my blog you see the finished product post natural disaster my closet and I create every morning. My style is ever-changing and evolving alongside trends and ultimately influenced by how comfortable I am in something. I never dress to be someone else or look uncomfortable. To me there’s nothing worse than a woman pulling, tucking and picking at her outfit all day. I want to wear the clothes, not have the clothes wear me, I’m not a model and life is V real off those the glossy pages.

I think growing up as a woman it’s hard not to feel influenced and guided by the media, which is why having an outlet like Wear Black, Drink White is important to me and to the readers to see what real women look like and what looks good on a petite 5’1 woman with large boobs! Although photos can be deceiving (yes I am a thinner size) I am about 5’1 and look 16 (I’m 26) so I have my own body issues and demons I fight with everyday; feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing is how I get over them . Don’t let the fashion industry dictate how you feel about your body. It is how we consume fashion and make it our own that the word style truly comes alive.

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