Teddy Bear

H&M teddy sweater, Urban Outfitters jeans, vintage scarf and boots, hat via Kensington Market vendor, Forever 21 fanny pack

Turning into a teddy bear seems to be the trend this season and I’m sooo not mad about that. I’m all about a fuzzy piece of clothing and always have been so when this trend started to come about I was extremely excited. It’s also the best trend ever for those of us that don’t like to get out of bed because I’m always soooo cozy in my outfit. I got this sweater at H&M in the Divided section quite recently and I really loved it because it’s the same style as a Patagonia sweater but half the price. I’ve yet to get a good teddy coat but I think that’s my next purchase while this trend is happening.

Summer’s end

42104293_1121300774684904_8967587613183574016_nDad’s vintage Metallic tee, Wrangler shorts via Commonsort, Value Village bag, BC Footwear sandals

I’m having a hard time grasping the fact that summer is ending. Thankfully I have a trip to Mexico lined up to satisfy my need for heat and sun. But that will come and go quickly and it’ll be another year until every day is wonderful. That said I’ve been soaking up every minute by wearing sandals and shorts until I can’t. This is my go-to uniform when I need to get dressed quick and it’s warm out. A good vintage tee, light denim cut-offs and fun accessories. Sorry the photos are blurry, took them on my iPhone quickly the other day.

What’s your go-to summer look?



All That Jazz

Thrifted Kimono, Public Butter Vintage Tee, Hidden Jeans via Winners, Zara booties

If you know me or you actually read my blog then you know how much I thrift and vintage shop. I definitely do it more than I buy fast fashion pieces and that’s because I feel like I have my basics down for the most part and now I’m buying pieces that add to my “collection” that I’m curating. Really cool, interesting, unique pieces I can reach for when I need a little something for an outfit. This shirt I could not pass up. It was $15 and tell me when you’ve ever come across a vintage dance tee, I have never in my 26 years, and atleast 12 of those years have been dedicated to thrifting. Fosse is a pretty big dang deal in the dance world so even though this shirt is very large, I had to have it. I like pairing bigger tees with something pretty and girly like this shiny kimono and tall boots. Just to give it a different edge. I would wear this out for drinks or dinner any night of the week.

Empire State of Mind

DSCF6421Joe Fresh Tee, DIY Jeans (even more distressed,last seen here), Coach Sandals, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Vintage and Custom Necklaces, Guess Watch

I have this obsession with oversized tee’s and the way that guys wear them. The last guy I dated always wore plain tees, usually black, with the sleeves rolled up. I didn’t realize how much that inspired me until I bought this tee, in a size larger than I normally would have. I also don’t generally buy/own tees, let alone graphic tees, but I felt this one was a good leeway into buying more as the colour and print are pretty subdued.

These pants were last seen many posts ago. I wore them a few times after I distressed them but then again folded them into the back of my closet. So, true to self to make things ‘wearable’ again, I brought out the scissors. I’ve seen these jeans everywhere lately, cut off and frayed at the bottom; thus I’ve since gone and cropped  (taken scissors to) a bunch of other jeans I don’t wear. I love the way they look with a short heeled bootie, strappy heels and/or strappy flat sandals.