Value Village

Hippie Hippie Snake

Value Village dress, Pedro Miralles mules 

There are no words for how obsessed I am with this dress and I can not believe I found it at VV boutique. It’s BCBG so it was “pricey” for Value Village which is why I think it was still there. I love the white gothic lace feel. It still gives me that witchy vibe without feeling demonic, if you get what I mean. This dress is megaaaa hot so it’s not exactly a “Summer” dress so it’ll be great for late summer early fall. I see this dress working best for a garden party, baby shower, dinner party (if you’re careful) unfortunately not a wedding. 

Nautical Stripes 

Value Village top, Joe Fresh shorts

Something about navy and white striped anything that gives you a nautical feel. I really like pairing something like this was deep cherry red pop of accesories or nails and keep everything else super neutral. I’ve had these shorts for a few years so unfortunately you can no longer find them at joe. Though I wish they would re-do this design because they’re so comfortable and I wish I had bought more. They’re we’re only $39 and they’re silk, like hello! I also wish I had bought the matching top but you live and you learn right! I found this top at Value Village and instantly wanted to pair it  with these shorts. So, who has a boat I can hop aboard?

Thrifty Threads

Value Village top, Levi’s shorts, H&M shoes, Value Village bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses

This whole outfit is very “thrifty”. Either from value Village or on heavy sale, or found a discount store. I love a good deal! I like to invest in key pieces that will last me forever but when it comes to “trends” finding them at a deal is important. I’ve been really into this gingham trend lately and found this top at VV boutique and I was so surprised to find this piece there. It’s definitely an at home made piece, no tags or branding which made me want to buy it even more. I’m really into the floral detailing, it reminds me of something you would find on the Revolve website. Through blogging lately I’ve noticed how much of my wardrobe is either from VV or thrifted of which I love. I think all together this entire outfit cost less than $50! Win. 

Lady in Leopard

Value Village top, Forever 21 shorts, Shelly’s London shoes 

Really at this point my blog should be called “Wear Anything, Eat Everything” because that’s what I seem to be doing lately. My style is based on feeling; either my mood or tangible comfort. On this day I ate A LOT. We went out for brunch at Cafe Neon where we are obsessed with their breakfast sandwich and hazelnut granola. We had a bad uber experience with them so they sent us a gift card. It’s hard to hate one of our fave go-to spots, but the chip is still there. After that we walked around, shopping the downtown core and made our way to Kensington Market for one of our favourite sandwiches at San Cosme. So good! Highly suggest it if you’re walking around Kensington and need a bite to eat.  Now all that said and ate, I needed to be comfortable as I ate my way through the city. My highwasted shorts are super old that they feel like my skin now so I can difinetely eat whatever the heck I want in them. I get super bloated after I eat almost anything so I always have to keep that in mind when I buy clothes that work for me. Also a mention on this $5 top because it’s the perfect leopard t-shirt I’ve ever seen.  VV boutique for the win!