Toronto Vintage Shopping

Neutral comfort

Vintage/Thrifted blazer, Buffalo tee, Denim Co/Lab jeans, Pedro Miralles Mules, Vintage hat.

This outfit speaks to my soul. Full of earth tones and 70’s rocker vibes. I always think I was born in the wrong decade but I know everything is meant to be, and hey maybe I was alive in a past life but died or something. WHO KNOWS! haha.

This outfit is something I would wear while transitioning from Spring to Summer. The days are pretty hot but the evenings cool off and a light jacket is needed most of the time. One of my fave things to buy on vintage shopping trips are oversized blazers which is how I got my hands on this baby. It’s really thin and feels like linen but I know it’s not. I’m not sure the fabric because there aren’t any tags. It was around $8 and I just love this fit. You’ll also catch me wearing this with denim cut offs and a band tee all summer since it’s light enough to throw in my bag until dusk when I need it.


Toronto is Tops!

Vintage T-Shirt via Vanguard Vintage, Vintage Lee Jeans Via Public Butter, New Balance Sneaks

Last weekend the boy and I took a trip to the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. I love my man, he’s even a more detailed and slower shopper than me! Sometimes I find myself finished in a store well before him. He has such an attention for detail (it’s probably his OCD hah), bottom line is I scored a man who loves to shop and I’m not giving him up! This year I scored some pretty good finds. Last year him and I didn’t find much, but this year was a little better for me. I finally gave in and bought a vintage Coach bag that I’ve been eyeing forever, I also bought a little wooden eagle carve out for my new place in the new year and got this amazing top from Vanguard Vintage that says Toronto is Tops! Are we kidding! It’s so perfect. The cotton is so soft and worn but no holes (such a bonus) and the navy with white piping is what the best vintage tees are made of! I also got another top that is super hippie, femme from Vanguard with lace detailing and bell sleeves with a cropped at the waist finish, very Woodstock appropriate. We went to the show on the last day so I got these shirts at a pretty good deal, as well as knocked off a couple bucks on the other items that I purchased. Depends if you want to get there first and not miss out on anything, or go and score last minute deals. Don’t miss the next vintage clothing and antique show —>here’s the link to get your email reminder and discounted entry for next year:

The Importance of Buying Vintage and Second Hand Clothing


Public Butter U.S.A. flag vest, my dad’s old band tee, thrifted Levis, Philistine sunnies, Steve Madden heels (NOT VINTAGE! hah)

Vintage shopping and thrifting has been an important part of my life growing up with a clothing obsession. Not to mention purchasing clothing, name brand/brand new can be expensive, but the importance of supporting local vintage stores and thrift stores such as Value Village, Salvation Army and the sparsely located Goodwill that are making an impact in our community and how we express ourselves is something we owe our community as a citizen of fashion. The quality you can find, although worn in sometimes, in vintage clothing can be counted on. Though it’s a tough topic, our clothing wasn’t once made in third world countries for little to no money with the quality being anything but…spectacular.

Supporting the business’ of our local friends is also a huge responsibility we have. Tell me you walked into a vintage store and nothing screamed out at you that you NEEDED to have? Yeah, you’re lying. These people carefully curate their stores and it shows because you always somehow find what you have been searching for. I’ve listed some of my favourites in the city that are a must visit:

Public Butter        69 Vintage     Siberia Vintage (Super new!)     Life of Manek

Mama Loves You           Sub Rosa Vintage         Chosen Vintage     F as in Frank 

There’s also a fun new(ish) thing happening in the city where you can buy and sell/trade your clothing! Kind Exchange and Common Sort’s have popped up all over Toronto. Although when it first started they bought more of your stuff (which means more locations please!), it’s a great option if you can’t exactly part with your stuff and need some sort of incentive. Also, there’s always a good ol’ yardsale or friend organized clothing swap.