#ootd October 27th, 2017

My bf’s plaid, H&M shirt, Hidden Denim, Zara shoes, Coach bag

Wore this to the AGO last week and out and about celebrating my boy on his birthday. I knew we’d be out all day and the weather was gorgeous so you could really wear whatever you want with a light jacket. I knew we’d be by the water going up in a helicopter for his birthday surprise with Heli-tours. Which I highly suggest! So fun. And then we were mid-downtown and if gets way warmer. Having my ankles show was a good idea to cool off a bit when the sun came out that day. I wore a long sleeve because the AGO is pretty drafty , as you can see I stole my man’s plaid. We went for the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit of which I also highly suggest checking out. Very cool!