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Fringe Binge

Twirl 2

My Man’s Shirt, Forever 21 Skirt, H&M Necklace, Pedro Miralles Shoes

This outfit I would say is truly an expression of my style. I love texture,detail, vintage and prints. And when they blend so well together it feels real good. Anything with fringe, fur, fuzz and I am making the purchase, as long as it fits; there’s nothing like purchasing something with so much detail it wears you.

This is probably something I would wear to a festival, out to a show or casual dinner/drinks. I think expressing yourself through your clothing is really important. Not to be afraid and to explore and experiment will help you find who you are. Decorate yourself. It’s your life and your body!

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Granola Chic

DSCF6450Banana Republic Sweater (Similar), BDG Jeans (Old, Similar), Joe Fresh Scarf, Birkenstock Sandals, Longchamp Bag, Vintage and Custom Necklaces, Vintage Ring

Birkenstocks have shined in recent months on the streets trend-setters walk and designers have taken note. Look at Isabel Marant, Zara, Marni etc; granola glam, or ancient roman chic has taken over. Not to toot my own horn or anything *hair flip*, but I was way ahead of this trend rocking my “Boston” clog style ‘Birks’ back in the early 2000s. Obviously on trend with stealing my dad’s workman wool socks to tuck in my flared jeans or ‘TNA’ tights-hello fashion guru. I may cringe, but hey, that was in and my girlfriends and I were ahead of the 2014 trend. FYI, if you lived in the east end of Toronto, and in middle school in the 2000s, and didn’t own your own pair of clog Birks, consider your then teen self uncool.

From grade eight on I was hooked on these comfy, good-for-you shoes. Also, healthcare in Canada covered Birkenstocks, WIN! Hello Birks on dad’s insurance plan. Birks also have helped me through the years I decided to go to art school and dance my butt off everyday. God knows how dance feet feel at the end of the day. Birks may have also saved me from some future health issues.

 Now that they’re considered stylish (‘phew’, though that really never stopped me from rocking them before) I constantly crave so many colours and styles more than ever. #Accepted *Jimmy Fallon/JT hashtag move*. I have been looking for metallic blush coloured ones I came across online-If you find them in Canada/shipping please send me an email!

I will probably, no doubt,wear Birks till I die.  How do you feel about The Birkenstock?