My Top Ten Women’s sneaker picks for Spring/Summer 2018


1) Reebok Classics
2) Nike Classic Cortez
3) Converse low top platforms
4) Puma platforms
5) New Balance 420, my fave style
6) Fila ‘Disruptor’
7) Girl Force XO Gucci or Louis V Cortez style
8) Keds platform
9) Adidas Gazette
10) Vans Old Skool platform

There is nothing more comfortable (and stylish) to me than a good sneaker. I love that sneakers are a huge fashion trend that’s sticking around. I can remember when wearing sneakers with a dress or skirt was a MEGA fashion no no, but now it’s the s@#% (as long as it’s paired well of course). Every brand I click on these days while online “window shopping” has a ‘walking’, ‘lifestyle’, or ‘casual’ section because they know they have to cater to the stylish street wearability that is the sneaker trend. On my days off I like to kick it (get it) in sneakers most of the time because my feet are usually exhausted (server life). I can’t wait to get my feet into some of the sneakers I’ve been eyeing above this season. I love that brands are bringing back their classic styles with a twist. The platform trend has to be my favourite, mostly because I wear heels due to that fact that I didn’t win the lottery in terms of height, so the heeled sneaker has been quite a blessing. I think first on my list are the platform Keds canvas platform and the Reebok Classics. I’m really into those two styles at the moment and can see myself getting a lot of wear out of them.

How do you feel about sneakers and the fashion statement they’re making?

Just Do It

DSCF6397DIY Nike Sweater, Forever 21 Jeans, Nike Kicks, Custom and Vintage Necklaces, Old Navy Bag, Ray-Ban Sunnies

This sweater has been in my life forever. My mum and dad shared it as a “house” sweater (something you don’t show the neighbours). It has quite a bit of history with paint stains, rips and not to mention the sleeves that looked like a 6000 pound man tried to put it on. My mom came into my room a few nights ago with the sweater asking if I wanted it. I hadn’t seen it in years so I said yes because I’m a clothing hoarder and I had this inner childhood attachment to it , but I ended doing what she did and folded it into my closet. I was then looking through my closet doing the “I have nothing to wear” dance and groan trying to style a few blog outfits and I pulled it out and put it on. I tried rolling the sleeves but it ended up looking just as heinous because the sleeves are so stretched, So I whipped out the scissors and chopped them off. My dad (my co-photographer)  was a bit offended because of his attachment to it; but my point to this whole thing is if you have something in your closet that you won’t wear the way it is, don’t let it sit there. What’s the point? ”Grow a pair” and go to town with scissors, they’re my best friend to re-vamping old pieces I won’t wear as is. And if all is said and done and you still don’t like it, DONATE! Someone will like it.






Good Vibes Only

DSCF6203Skate4Cancer “Good Vibes Only” Hoodie, H&M Shorts, Nike Trainers, Old Navy Purse, Guess Watch, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Tiffany&Co. Ring (Similar)

I wore this outfit while running errands the other morning. I had picked up the shorts the night before at H&M after dreaming of a ‘leather’ style short and finally finding the perfect pair. They’re super casual and are the cut of an athletic short which I’m really digging because I don’t go to the gym anymore (went back to my passion of dance), so I don’t get the chance to look very ‘athletic’ since ditching this style back in my grade 8 soccer days. Although,  I would still spice these up with a strappy sandal and fun blouse for a night out. Because of the material they can transition easily from day to night.

This post is really meant to showcase the hoodie I’m wearing. Skate4Cancer is an amazing initiative I learnt more about in the past few years after meeting a now great friend from college who talked about the cause and meeting her then roommate and best friend Rob Dyer. His mission isn’t about trying to find a cure but trying to educate youth on how we can best prevent it from happening in the first place through education and early detection (and obviously great branding). After wearing the top, through the shade of my sunglasses I saw a lot of eyes taking a minute to read it. They may not know the cause behind the words but the message is there, and if they ask I’m happy to now know Rob and have enough knowledge to let people in on S4C.

Read more here if you aren’t familiar with S4C and Rob Dyer’s story.

They have really great (and cozy!) apparel located at Kill the 8 that I would suggest picking up and spreading the word on S4C and Cancer prevention. There are also great gift ideas for those battling ‘The Big C’ right now: “Keep your head up high beautiful” and “You are so loved” are my two fave pullovers.

“The cure is knowledge.”