Thrifty Threads

Value Village top, Levi’s shorts, H&M shoes, Value Village bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses

This whole outfit is very “thrifty”. Either from value Village or on heavy sale, or found a discount store. I love a good deal! I like to invest in key pieces that will last me forever but when it comes to “trends” finding them at a deal is important. I’ve been really into this gingham trend lately and found this top at VV boutique and I was so surprised to find this piece there. It’s definitely an at home made piece, no tags or branding which made me want to buy it even more. I’m really into the floral detailing, it reminds me of something you would find on the Revolve website. Through blogging lately I’ve noticed how much of my wardrobe is either from VV or thrifted of which I love. I think all together this entire outfit cost less than $50! Win. 


Band tee, H&M shorts, Vans Sk8-Hi shoes, Zara sunglasses, Kate + Alex Cuffaro backpack via Winners

I may not be a skateboarder but I love these shoes. The vans Sk8-Hi’s are inspired by the low top classic Old Skool style, of which will be my next purchase but with the platform “creeper” type soul. I am a shoe girl. That’s my thing. Some girls like bags, sunglasses but I buy shoes the most. Vans are some of my favourite shoes on the market. They’re super comfy, a good price point, and go with everything when I’m going for a casual look. 

Every stylish gal and guy are rocking sneakers more than anything on their feet these days. It’s hard to walk down the street and not spot stylish sneakers like a runway/conveyor belt wanting to purchase every pair that passes by; and Vans Sk8-Hi’s, Old Skool Classics, or checkered slip-ons happen to be on 90% of those feet it seems. So like Missy, Vans are the poo so take a big whiff. 

Late start

Vintage T-Shirt, H&M shorts, converse shoes, H&M bag, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses 

Getting up and “throwing something on” can sometimes turn into an outfit I’m obsessed with. I love pairing things together that you normally wouldn’t. When I bought these lace “lingerie” inspired shorts my intentions were to wear them as you see in the pictures. A loose vintage tee and some worked in chucks or vans to offset the girly lace. 

On this particular day it was a pretty late start. Working in the service industry killed my sleep habits but it allows my bf and I to go have brunch and have the back patio all to ourselves to listen to the birds and just chill out. So I guess you win some you lose some. 


Fringe Binge

Twirl 2

My Man’s Shirt, Forever 21 Skirt, H&M Necklace, Pedro Miralles Shoes

This outfit I would say is truly an expression of my style. I love texture,detail, vintage and prints. And when they blend so well together it feels real good. Anything with fringe, fur, fuzz and I am making the purchase, as long as it fits; there’s nothing like purchasing something with so much detail it wears you.

This is probably something I would wear to a festival, out to a show or casual dinner/drinks. I think expressing yourself through your clothing is really important. Not to be afraid and to explore and experiment will help you find who you are. Decorate yourself. It’s your life and your body!

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