Gift Guide 2018 | Health and Wellness

  1. Training socks-Nike
  2. Pocket Farmacy- Saje Wellness
  3. Inner purity crystal water bottle – Chapters/Indigo
  4. Palm print yoga mat – alwaysXalways
  5. Bombs away, twilight bath bomb – Lush
  6. Lip Juicer – The Body Shop
  7. Dont lick it! Salt lamp – Amazon
  8. Wash off the toxins with Charcoal soap – Chapters/Indigo
  9.  The best natural deoderant in the game – Kopari
  10. SAVE THE TURTLES! Set of metal reusable straws- Klean Kanteen
  11. What’s your sign? Nail Varnish- Love by Luna
  12. How many steps can you do before you pass out? Let’s check! – Fitbit
  13. Blend it all, even the kitchen sink – Blendtec
  14. Look adorable while you sweat out your Xmas dinner – via Bandier

Health and wellness have been on a steady incline the last few years and as the new year approaches most people have that as one of their top resolutions. We know it’s a popular way of life because apparently even vegetable prices will be on the rise for the new year! Did you ever think you would see the day where Kobe beef might be cheaper than a bell pepper?

If you have a friend that is all about a healthy lifestyle try to hone in on one of the things they love most. For example if they’re an avid yogi, get them a really cute new “designer” mat they might never buy for themselves. Something I personally like doing is creating my own “gift sets”. Get them a bunch of little bits and bobs that support their healthy lifestyle. I would start with a set of metal straws,  a pocket ‘farmacy’ full of all the essential oils you need to get you through minor hiccups during the day ( I own this and love it), calming Lush bath bombs, as well as, (in my opinion) the best natural deodorant on the market from Kopari found at Sephora. (I tested this bad boy on my  recent trip to Mexico and I was shooketh by how good it is. I was never smelly!)

I would round up a whole bunch of small eco-friendly, health concious vibes into one bag (depending on budget) and start there. It’s always nice to have a little variety.

And so, above are just a few ideas to keep in mind while trying to buy for your kale eating, yoga posing, water drinking bestie.

Happy Shopping!