Holiday Gift Guide For Him 2018 | The guy that “doesn’t want anything”

  1. For the man who isn’t a fan of the cold – Joe Fresh
  2. For the coffee connoisseur – Chemex
  3. Beard oil because tis’ the season of dry everything – Province and Apothecary
  4. Rodeo themed wallet –Coach
  5. Create woodsy indoor vibes with aroma therapy – Saje
  6. For the man on the move – Herschel
  7. Bring the big screen home – Amazon
  8. Ever wanted to cook, swear, and eat the comfiest comfort food?- Chapters/Indigo
  9. Deep dish to thin crust, you don’t have to admit your favourite to public judgement any longer – Amazon
  10. Chisel toe boots for that hunk of man –Blundstone
  11. You got yourself a music man?- Spotify subscription 

We’ve all either dated or are dating that guy that says they “don’t want anything”. I for one certainly am dating “that guy”. In that case I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Usually when he mentions things he likes during the year I write them down in a note on my phone. If he buys something before a holiday then I scratch it off the list. My boyfriend is the worst for just buying anything and everything he wants so he’s a tough one to buy for. Truly i’ve always had a hard time buying for guys in my life on the holidays. I was always surrounded by women growing up and my dad I knew so well that I kind of always knew what to get him; otherwise, I’ve been stumped since my first boyfriend. Because of this, I like to stick to a few categories for guys if I don’t know them that well. Tech, alcohol, trendy additions to their wardrobe, or a good wallet; they always need wallets. If you don’t know him too well, don’t buy anything too sentimental or a heavy commitment in their life. Get them something practical and logical, the way men’s brains work. Like I said in my last gift guide, if you can’t figure out a good “material” gift, then always buy them a memory kind of gift. Something that gets them out of the house and doing something fun, depending on how close you are with them do it together. Those are my boyfriends fave gifts (I think). 

Stay tuned for more gift guides!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For Her | Trendy gifts women actually want

  1. Dainty Jewels are always a winner – Mejuri
  2. The best of Benefit “goodie, goodie, gorgeous” set – Benefit 
  3. The hair game, game changer – Dyson Airwrap
  4. A cute toque to warm your noggin – Gap
  5. Capture the memories – Instax via Walmart
  6. Amp up your walk into any holiday party – Zara
  7. Headbands are back, xoxo Gossip Girl – H&M
  8. A actual page turner (my fave book of 2018) – Chapters/Indigo
  9. Listen to that uncle tell the same story over and over in style- Bluboho
  10. Smell the season all year round – Makers of Wax Candles
  11. Cover your New Years hangover with these bad boys –Miu Miu via Sunglasses Hut
  12. Stuff your new make up, and bad decisions of 2018 into this powder pink crossbody- Coach

The holidays are fast approaching. Can you believe how fast2018 flew by? Do we all agree that year happened in a blink of an eye? I’m not ready! 

What I’m also not ready for is Christmas shopping. The thought of rummaging through the mall’s stores, sweating in places you didn’t think you could with the looming thought of my gift isn’t good enough, ouch. Let’s stick to our safety net of small accessories, books and delicious candles shall we? If you’ve been granted access to their computer browser check out their bookmarks. Chances are something they’re saving for is in there. As well a helpful tip is to know who their fave influencer might be. Knowing this will give you some insight into products they might want to try. As women we tend to buy everything we want for ourselves so it can be really tricky to find something interesting or something we didn’t have on a hidden (but not so hidden) list. My suggestion when the mall swallows you up and you just can’t do materialistic gifts anymore…buy them a memory. There is nothing better than getting out there and doing something with your brain/body; especially together. Build your bond depending on your relationship. Maybe you go on a helicopter ride, or a couples massage, or go knitting together. There truly are endless options. Just remember to breath, and do your research!

Stay tuned for more gift guides!