Shades of Summer: Lipstick trends for Summer 2017


I’m no a lipstick girl per say, but I love a good lip stain or matte dry colour that stays all day. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable ever, when it comes to clothes or makeup. If I have to feel like I’m checking, fixing and self conscious the whole then it’s not for me.  I do like to add a little pop of colour here or there. I’m also obsessed that the lip gloss trend is back because that is effortless. I think the biggest trends I’ve gotten behind are perfect nudes, an orange(y) hue and the perfect pink pout. Below I’ve listed some that I’m craving to purchase along with some true loves. What do you think you’ll rock on your lips for the rest of summer?

1) The glossiest lips courtesy of Glossier. I am obsessed that the glossy lip trend is back. All I ever wore in junior high was lip gloss, and 9/10 times it would be my Lancôme Juicy Tubes. Now that Glossier is shipping to Canada, FINALLY, I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle. I was dreading waiting until my next NY trip to pick it up.

2) The perfect nude in a satin matte finish Via Colour Pop. I just placed an order with CP for the first time where I’ll definitely do a product review of everything. I’ve heard amazing things about their satin matte lip formula and Echo Park looks like one of their best nudes they have.

3) Hello luxury lips, try Tom Ford‘s burnt orange called Wild Ginger to go with your best tan this summer. My skin is fair with warm undertones so this burnt orange would work well with that and my dark hair. Where if you were of a darker complexion this may just end up looking like a red lipstick. When picking an orange lippy you must know your undertones and what works or it won’t look like the swatch you see, it may end up changing completely once applied. priming your lips with a foundation will also help the colour pop to wipe out your natural lip colour.

4) The very on trend glitter lips is a must buy from Lime Crime. I’m not sure if I would wear this on the daily, glitter is definitely ‘a look’. I’m a pretty minimalist type gal when it comes to my aesthetic but I would give it a shot depending on the occasion.

5) I got a sample of this Marc Jacobs lipstick and I stand behind this formula 100%. Super creamy and long lasting, everything you want. I will be purchasing this in full size for sure, just need to find the perfect shade as it is around $40.

6) Much like the Maybelline version (doesn’t look like they sell chubby sticks anymore I wanted to link them) these are your everyday lipsticks with a bit better of a a formula. The Maybelline version in slightly drying to my lips I find, where the Clinique Chubby Sticks add hydration. Smooth application and an endless amount of colours to choose from. I freakin’ love these things, so easy to throw a couple different shades in your purse to switch it up when you need to.

7) YSL is a decadent treat to your lips and a chunk out of your pocket book. The bottles alone are super gorgeous and with that price you know the formula has to be good. I’ve yet to purchase a YSL beauty product but it is definitely on my wanted list.

8) Every girl needs the perfect cherry red lipstick. Sephora Collection is super affordable and an amazing formula. Bang for your buck!

Currently Craving: Spring Edition


1) Vans Old Skool “flatform”
2) Colour Pop “Out and About” Lip Bundle
3) Still craving this Coach wallet
4) Opal Stunner by Amarilo Via Zane
5) Initial Ring via Alex Mika Jewellery  
6) Free People vegan crossbody
7) Valley Sunnies-A Dead Coffin Club Series-Via Zane
8) Michael Kors Pink/Gold cat eye Sunnies
9) Longchamp Backpack-Le Pliage Collection
10) Anice Jewellery-The Outlaw Necklace
11) Alexander Wang Kori Knotch Heel in Silver

It’s officially Spring, although it’s still cold and calling for snow Sunday, but       WELCOME TO CANADA FOLKS! The weather better start to warm up because I have a birthday looming and if it isn’t nice then it’s not worth celebrating! That’s just the bratty me talking but my birthday has always been hot (if you read my blog you know the story and if you don’t well sorry I hate repeating myself) so when it’s not it just kinda stinks; you can’t dress cute or eat birthday ice cream if it’s not H-A-W-T out, am I right?

Any who, in no way is this a birthday list of possible gifts. We all know that went out the window the day I turned..16 I think. It was like “oh yeah, you’re sweet alright sweet… and TOO OLD FOR GIFTS!” So let’s take this above list as inspiration of what I may be gifting myself this year. After all, we come into this world alone and we go out alone, and I will live alone in a dumpster with my maxed out credit card in the meantime.

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