Fave moments captured from 2016


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Soon i’ll be popping up a reflection post on my 2016 but for now here are some of the happiest moments because of course they were documented. For those of you that actually ever READ my blog, I love you and I thank you. And I promise 2017 I will be paying much more attention to my baby as well as possibly covering ground on Youtube; I just have to get the fear of hearing my own voice out of my head.

Toodles ya’ll- Happy New Year!

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The middle finger goes to 2016-you kinda sucked a bit.

Jackie O


Joe Fresh Turtleneck, Aritzia Silk Cami, Joe Fresh Denim (DIY cut), Cape Robin Booties, Sopher Sunnies via Yoka, H&M Purse

If you know me you know all I wear is denim. It’s basically my second layer of skin, although unhealthy denim could be pyjamas for me.Because I wear denim everyday, I like to fancy it up here a there so topping it off with some silk and an outrageous pair of
Jackie O inspired sunnies helps my denim life from feeling stale. I don’t gravitate to dresses or skirts very often, I just don’t feel like I can be myself and makes getting dressed for special events that much more special. I have loads of denim: ripped, skinny, light wash, white, snakeskin etc and yet I never tried the “jegging” style. Joe Fresh makes jeggings every year. They aren’t your typical jegging where it’s a legging painted to look like denim, it’s denim with a wholeeee lot of stretch. I could do the splits in these pants if I wanted to, I’ve also taken a nap in them once or twice (accidentally of course). If you don’t love denim because you find it’s uncomfortable I highly suggest popping into Joe Fresh and trying out their jegging styles-even Thanksgiving dinner is no match for these pants!


Lace Ups and Lace

lace-ups-and-lace-3DIY Shirt, LaSenza Lingerie Lace Bodysuit, Aritzia Skirt, Public Desire (Similar) Shoes

These shirts are everywhere since Kendall Jenner first rocked it on a shopping trip in LA. Though that girl can get away with the deep v-neck cut she had going on and a very nearly-not-there lace bralette; IRL we can’t exactly do that. I got this shirt at Common Sort-my second home- for $8 and gave it a quick chop to recreate the look. I’m not about spending money on crazy trends that come and go quickly as I’ve mentioned a million times over. Even if I became a billionaire tomorrow I don’t think I would spend more than you should on “quick trends”.  Splurging on classic pieces you know will be versatile and long-lasting is where you should invest money in your wardrobe, like this Aritzia Pencil skirt. A tad pricey but this double slit linen pencil skirt has a little extra something going for it style-wise, is actually super comfortable, and a must-have in every woman’s closet. A pencil skirt is one of the easiest pieces you can rock from day-to-night. Work to play, switching up your shoes and your top, a pencil skirt is always a sexy option if it’s well tailored and you feel sexy in it. Comfort is key.


Style File: Mary-Kate and Ashley

slide1Images via Google

MK and Ashley Olsen have always been on the top of my go-to Google when I need some inspiration and I’ve torn my closet open with clothes and shoes all over. Sometimes it’s easy to get dressed, I know exactly what I want to wear what shoes, lipstick etc; and then sometimes it takes me forever and I don’t even want to leave the house. I find, warning TMI, when I’m about to get my period I absolutely can NOT find anything to wear. I’m sure that’s a pretty typical symptom for most of my fellow ladies.

Anywho, MK and Ashley have an ease to their style, I’m sure comes from the helping fact that they have a bagillion dollars, they never look like they have to try very hard. They always have the best accessories, I am more obsessed with shoes and bags then anything, and they’re never the designer accessories you see sprawled across people magazine that “all the stars are wearing”. These are women of fashion and true style. They find classic pieces with forever life behind them. I have always been intrigued by the pieces they choose. Basics that are worn in interesting ways alongside one-time wear pieces including outrageous prints, emroidery and more. Since Google was a thing I’ve been image searching these two and before Google I have a bunch of scrapbooks I made over the years as a pre-teen that I can’t part with. It’s always fun to look back here and there to see what I was inspired by. Who is your fashion inspiration? What images do you Google when you’re in a rut?