What I Wore X Field Trip


Life of Manek Bomber, My Man’s old shirt, Urban Planet Shorts, Teva Sandals from HeelBoy, Phillistine Sunnies, DIY Choker

Field Trip was an absolute blast! It took us a while to get there, with the rain and it almost being cancelled; meaning I almost cried because HELLO ROBYN! She is a swedish dream! So bottom line, she was amazing. Her dancing, her voice, her vibe, her outfit. I could not have been more in love!

Fort York is probably one of my all time fave venues for festivals. The production crew knows really well how to space things out visually and have the right bands on at the right time. Koodos. It’s also really nice to have Fort York used for more than just battle reenactments, so good on the city for that choice.

I also had the pleasure of getting to meet unreal country artist Brad Stella from The Stellas. I’m not much of a country fan but these two got me. Then they birthed these two musical angels Lennon and Maisy. I became obsessed with the show Nashville and then started to follow Lennon and Maisy from there. These girls can sing!
Thanks Brad for taking the time to chat music, Nashville and your wicked kids! Keep it up!


The essentials: MEC backpack, JuJu Babe (plastic, waterproof, stylish), Teva Sandals (my go-to this summer, need the platforms), Umbrellas, and sunglasses!

IMG_1359IMG_1415IMG_1355IMG_1347IMG_1354Shot on iPhone 6

What I Wore X My Birthday

Birthday 4 maybe

Forever 21 Top, Skirt and Body Chain, Zara Shoes (similar)

Last week I turned 25, and you know I went through the checklist of life, society’s expectations of where I should be in life, the type of job I should have etc etc; BUT I’ve realized I’m in a pretty good position mental health wise. When I graduated I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what career I wanted. Once I worked in the industry I realized it wasn’t for me and I’ve been working on myself and my mental health ever since. Your 20s are really hard, but why make it harder if you’re miserable? That’s what keeps me going.

My birthday also made me realize how lucky I am to have the people I have in my life. I’ve been super lucky to cross paths with you and have you in my corner (you know who you are). I have an amazing group of girlfriends of which we’ve been friends for almost a decade now, I have a strong/loving/generous man who made my birthday unbelievably memorable and perfect; and family that is always there -it’s been a hard year for us. I’ve also met some really amazing people through my man this year that I can’t be more grateful for knowing and getting to call them my close friends. You gals/guys rule.

This year I went for something a little more pocket friendly and went on a hunt to Forever 21. After endless fitting room selfies sent to my girlfriends I took this brick red top with cute cut-outs and obviously NEEDED this skirt for the summer. We went to The Boat in Kensington Market and it was ridiculously fun, but it’s also ridiculously hot in there so I kept that in mind when purchasing practically a bathing suit top.

Bring it on year 25!

Birthday 2Birthday 1

Birthday 3