Summer’s end

42104293_1121300774684904_8967587613183574016_nDad’s vintage Metallic tee, Wrangler shorts via Commonsort, Value Village bag, BC Footwear sandals

I’m having a hard time grasping the fact that summer is ending. Thankfully I have a trip to Mexico lined up to satisfy my need for heat and sun. But that will come and go quickly and it’ll be another year until every day is wonderful. That said I’ve been soaking up every minute by wearing sandals and shorts until I can’t. This is my go-to uniform when I need to get dressed quick and it’s warm out. A good vintage tee, light denim cut-offs and fun accessories. Sorry the photos are blurry, took them on my iPhone quickly the other day.

What’s your go-to summer look?



The summer of summer dresses

Wildfire dress via Winners, Keds sneakers, Thrifted bag, Common Sort Sunglasses

This summer I’ve worn more dresses than I can remember I ever have. I’ve been a jeans and tee/ top and pants type of girl my entire life, though I wouldn’t call myself a tomboy per say. I am a gemini so I can truly be two people at once. Yes I played sports as a kid and didn’t wear dresses as often as the other little girls, but I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty forever. When I wasn’t outside playing soccer, or hanging off the monkey bars I was at home putting together outfits and flipping through FASHION magazine. I feel very balanced in that sense with my style, which is why I think my personal style has always been about comfort and not about what’s in fashion as much; hence hanging in jeans and a tee but still keeping it trendy.

That all said, I’m not sure what it is that changed in me but I found myself gravitating towards dresses this summer more than ever before. Maybe it’s because it’s been extremely hot and I’m finding them much less fussy than multiple layers? I also just think dresses are having a moment and are being designed to be comfortable and not something you tug and fuss with the whole time you’re wearing it. That’s my biggest pet peeve about clothing, I don’t want to fuss or I’ll just turn around and change. Dresses I think this year for me have just been easy to throw on, and airy enough to keep cool and yet I still have this strange hesitation with dresses. I always feel over done! It’s actually kind of hilarious. I’ve been collecting summer dresses and forcing myself to wear them casually and now I don’t have as much of that feeling anymore. I think that feeling came from me not wearing dresses much when I was younger unless it was a special occasion and I would “dress up”. But now that I’m obsessed there are so many dresses I wish I could order specifically from revolve (have you seen bloggers this summer?!) but as a city girl on a budget I find myself at Winners more often finding just as great styles at a fraction of the cost. I have been looking for a simple dress with wooden buttons for a while now and couldn’t believe I found it (of course when I wasn’t looking). I went to winners to find a new top to wear to a last minute dinner since I was felt too casual and bam! this dress is on the rack. For 30$ I couldn’t be happier and my wallet is in good spirits too. I guess the moral of the story here is that the more you do something out of your comfort zone the more it becomes comfortable and like second nature. I would never reach for a dress first and now I do (currently about to go out in a dress).


What’s something that you never wore before that now you can’t take off? Let me know in the comments below!

Chow for now!



Free The Nipple

Vintage t-shirt, Forever 21 duster, Urban Outfitters BDG ‘mom’ jeans, Yoki slides, Brixton Women’s Hat

There’s no outfit I enjoy more than jeans and a tee and if that tee so happens to make a statement well then heck! I remember as a kid I used to sit around and think about what life would be like if we walked around naked and clothes were strange; didn’t we all? I wonder though if we weren’t so shy about our bodies and much more open about sex and nudity would we have the same awful things happen to women like sexual harassment either physical or verbal? There are many other cultures where women and men both wear practically nothing and are not sexualized the same. Instead of the body being this erotic piece of meat, they are looked at solely as a life giving source. These women make babies, feed them from their breast openly without hesitation and do all their daily work while the girls hang out. I used to work at Joe Fresh and we had a complaint from a woman that got kicked out of a change room because it was needed for someone to try on clothes, meanwhile she was trying to find a quiet spot to feed her child. I had never been so appalled that someone I worked with would do that to a woman in a vulnerable state. And on the other hand I’m sad how women have been ‘trained’ to hide the act of breastfeeding and either put a blanket over themselves or go to a washroom or change room in this instance. I’ve seen women whip it out with no coverage and men stare. MEN!

I’ve only worn this shirt once, and that was for this photo shoot/video I took for my Youtube channel. Isn’t that wild that I feel nervous to wear a shirt with boobs printed on it!? I’m just afraid of the stares and comments I’ll get.

I’m going to stop ranting now, I just had an opinion. Can you tell me if you ever thought about a world where we were naked and clothes were weird? Like somewhere in middle school, or was it just me?




Other ‘boobie’ print products I want:bando-boob bath mat
Boobie bath mat by

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.13.05 AM
Boobies of all shapes and sizes coffee mug by Society6

Mellow Yellow: the colour of summer 2018


Forever 21 Dress, Keds, Thrifted Bag, Philistine Sunnies

I knew yellow was a huge prediction for the summer of 2018 but I personally wasn’t sure how I would take to it; apparently very well. I am currently obsessed with yellow in all it’s forms; warm, cool, mustard, sunshine, citrus and so on. At this very moment my nails are yellow and my go-to everyday sunglasses are yellow. Yellow is not for everyone and there are definitely shades of yellow that I can NOT wear, but holding up a yellow garment next to your face in the mirror will show you very quickly what yellow is your friend. For me it can’t be too cool or neon. I have to go with something more warm that works with my pinkish undertone.

I’ve found that yellow is one of those calm colours that can hold up to more vibrant colours like in the photo below with the red bag. I like pairing yellow with an intense pop of colour, it’s one way you can wear a lot of colour at once and not come off too “clowny”. I recently have been hitting up forever 21 for trends like yellow that I’m unsure will last very long. I’m a fashion girl on a budget so it’s nice to have stores like that to hit up for quick basics as well as try out the newest trends and see if they work for you.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 3.23.57 PM

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 3.35.40 PM