Toronto is Tops!

Vintage T-Shirt via Vanguard Vintage, Vintage Lee Jeans Via Public Butter, New Balance Sneaks

Last weekend the boy and I took a trip to the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. I love my man, he’s even a more detailed and slower shopper than me! Sometimes I find myself finished in a store well before him. He has such an attention for detail (it’s probably his OCD hah), bottom line is I scored a man who loves to shop and I’m not giving him up! This year I scored some pretty good finds. Last year him and I didn’t find much, but this year was a little better for me. I finally gave in and bought a vintage Coach bag that I’ve been eyeing forever, I also bought a little wooden eagle carve out for my new place in the new year and got this amazing top from Vanguard Vintage that says Toronto is Tops! Are we kidding! It’s so perfect. The cotton is so soft and worn but no holes (such a bonus) and the navy with white piping is what the best vintage tees are made of! I also got another top that is super hippie, femme from Vanguard with lace detailing and bell sleeves with a cropped at the waist finish, very Woodstock appropriate. We went to the show on the last day so I got these shirts at a pretty good deal, as well as knocked off a couple bucks on the other items that I purchased. Depends if you want to get there first and not miss out on anything, or go and score last minute deals. Don’t miss the next vintage clothing and antique show —>here’s the link to get your email reminder and discounted entry for next year: http://www.torontovintageclothingshow.ca/discount-coupon

It’s Officially Fall!

Zara Jacket (Old, Similar), Hidden Denim, Zara Shoes (Old, Similar @Dr.Martens), Vintage Coach Bag, Thrifted Scarf, Ray-Ban Sunnies

Although Fall officially started back on September 22, it was extremely hot at the time, we’re talking felt tropical and muggy, and then all of a sudden mid day on the 27th the winds changed and it finally turned into scarf and jacket weather, which I know many of us are stoked on because we finally get to wear all of our fall pieces and layer on the fashion. I love the fall season and as much as I wish summer was forever I honestly would love to live in a place where it’s always fall. We’ve had some really beautiful days lately where the sun is shining with perfect blue skies accompanied by a crisp wind; the perfect weather for your best fall outfit. This fall I really want to take advantage of nature. Getting out there to do some apple picking, explore the trails just outside the city to take in the beauty of our country during the fall months as the trees change colour; before it turns grey and is covered in heaps of snow.

Wear Black, Add Hot Sauce

Shirt Via Winners, Gap Jeans, Shelly’s London Shoes, Ray-Ban Sunnies

I love a good over-sized t-shirt and this one is suuuuper comfy. I randomly purchased it when I was at Winners a couple weeks back, and I had no idea it would be such a hit! I get a lot of comments and commentary so I’m glad I didn’t pass on it; just validates your purchase ya know? Anyways, this is like a very regular everyday uniform that you would catch me in. I really like to be comfortable and if you follow my blog you def know that about me!


Vintage Ralph Lauren button down via Public Butter, Cos Skirt, Joe Fresh Flats,

Thrifted Bag via Value Village

I bought this top 2 years back during one of the vintage crawls, which happens twice a year in Toronto and are two of the greatest times of year. I can’t believe this gorgeous silk top was only $20. The fit isn’t spectacular but I knew I could work with it and hello RL silk for $20. Done. I love vintage and thrift shopping because of the hidden gems, like this top, you can find. I find sifting through racks of clothing is therapeutic for me. I know many shake their head like huh! How? But it’s very true. I didn’t grow up in a very wealthy family either so I’ve always been a sale and thrift shopper. I don’t think you need a million bucks to look like a million bucks, or feel like a million bucks. Confidence in what you’re wearing is key. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it over and over that confidence and feeling comfortable will beam through your outfit if you feel good in it.