Off Duty

Life of Manek Bomber, Forever 21 T-shirt, Joe Fresh Jeans, Catherine Malandrino Mules via Winners, Philistine Sunglasses

 Most days you’ll find me in some variation of a jeans and t-shirt combo. I’m all about being comfortable. I remember I used to dress in ways that I thought was on trend, and it may have been, but I just never felt comfortable. I remember putting outfits together that I knew I wouldn’t wear but would photograph for my blog because it was spread across magazines and was the “trend at the time”. Meanwhile after shooting pictures I would change back into jeans and t-shirt. That has become such a go-to for me that it’s comical when I put a dress on I feel extremely over-done. 

Jeans and a t-shirt is how I feel my most comfortable and I like to spice it up with accessories. A statement jacket, interesting shoes, dramatic sunglasses, unique bag and the list does on. 


Pinstripe Duster

Forever 21 Duster, BDG Jeans, Thrifted Tank Top, Yoki Loafers, Zara Sunglasses, H&M Bag

The beginning of Summer in Toronto is mother nature on menopause as i’ve said many times over. The weather has been 30 plus and humid for the last few days, but on this day it was 20 with no humidity, and currently today as I’m writing this it’s 18/chill and yet another thunderstorm threat on the horizon. The weather and level of comfort truly determine what I’m going to wear day-to-day. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl till death do us part so I like to amp up my basics. That said, enter “the duster”. These long, robe-like coats are so effortlessly chic and I am obsessed with the look. I am a tinier girl so it’s hard not to get lost and swallowed into the length and fabric. Finding the right fit, cut and length is key to this piece. This one from Forever 21 is a great base to finding what worked for me and the price point is perfect; roughly $49.00 CAD. The navy and white stripe combo is a dead given so when I saw it hanging lifeless on the hanger I wanted to give it a home on my back-I was praying it would work. The reason I think this works for me is somehow it cuts me at the mid-shin (I’m about 5’2 one good day), and the horizontal stripes give me a longer looking sillouhette; flattering for ANY woman. The waist tie I tied at the back which cinched the wasit a little; thus not as much fabric flowing all around me.

My other half and I are big thrfiter/vintage shoppers. On my days off we like to hit up VV boutqiue and our fave vintage spots across the city. On this particular day we went to the East side in Leslieville where we stopped at the Lesliville Pumps for lunch. UM HELLO! if you’ve ever been to the southern states and had bbq on the side of the road at a gas station then you know this place in a given. It was unreal. We shared a smoked turkey BLT (Arugala, turkey and turkey bacon, sundried tomatoes with a pesto sauce spread on the bun) and a brisket sandwich with crispy onion and a delicious grainy mustard and a side of wicked coleslaw. We were full until 10pm and it caused me to cheat on my no more carbs diet. I suggest grabbing a bite there if you’re in the area.







Mixing the Elements of Your Closet: Dressy with Casual

H&M kimono, DIY sweater (Halloween Costume), Joe Fresh jeans, PUMA shoes, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I recently saw on Instagram a girl wearing a kimono over a sweater and I was instantly inspired. I love mixing elements of my closet to create looks that wouldn’t necessarily make sense if you wrote them down, but put them on and somehow this casual dressy mix really works; ie the kimono sweater combo. Of course depending on your lifestyle, job etc it’s not as easy to wear a sweater to work, but I would say this is perfect weekend wear. Off to brunch? Don’t want to look like a total slob but you’ve worked hard all week and feel lazy? Well girl keep that sweater on and find a cute kimono to layer on top for some added class and style. Your outfit will go from couch potato to breakfast hash brown appropriate in a second.

Honestly I think Kimonos are a super cool way to dress up any outfit and are super handy to have in your closet. I wear mine when I’m going out with jeans and a plain tank top and it’s given me that confidence I need to feel going out ‘apro-pros’. Getting a legit kimono can be harder to come by, I suggest vintage shopping and shelling out the extra bucks for something legit and unique. If you aren’t a savvy vintage hunter then stores like Anthropologie, Urban OutfittersFree People, and Zara always have items like this as they’re hot on the trend game always. I’ve linked these store above with some of my fave kimonos I spotted on their site.



What Would WBDW Wear X The Canadian Tuxedo


Levis Jacket, Band Tee, Forever 21 Jeans, Yoki Loafers via Winners, Roots Bag, Public Butter Sunglasses

The doubled denim look, dubbed the “Canadian Tuxedo” by moments in Levis fashion history,  is something I wear often. I may be Canadian but that’s not why, I just find that I’m at my most comfortable in Denim, yes you can call me crazy. A flowy dress, or loose skirt for me is the complete opposite of comfortable. I’m always picking and pulling and making sure things are in place while wearing outfits like that, can you say stress!?

 I think denim on denim has effortless personal style cred. It’s super easy and you don’t need to overthink what works and what doesn’t. I’d say what doesn’t work does! Doubling up your denim and mixing different shades is a fun task and I think you’ll be pretty pleased with the outcome. I personally love mixing different shades of the same shade ( if that made any sense) to create contrast. Light blue denim on an even lighter washed blue with say dark thread or coloured threading is something I would look at while styling this look. You can also get away with different shades of black on black; can you believe that! My personal fave for the summer is white on white, or a white denim jacket with super light washed blue mom jeans or light washed shorts/skirt. Seriously the combinations are absolutely endless. After that slip on a fun shoe and quirky bag and you’re good to go.

Some of my fave stores in Toronto to snag denim/vintage denim: House of Vintage,   Public Butter, Philistine, Mama Loves You Vintage, Value Village, Forever 21 (cheap can DIY), Urban Outfitters and Common Sort. The list goes on really…