Back to School: Bags!

Slide11) Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote
2) Classic Jansport Backpack
3) Herschel Tote
4) Longchamp Tote
5) Fjallraven Backpack

I think when heading back to school one of the hardest things to buy is your backpack, am I right? You basically wear this bag every single day, with the possible exception of weekends and Summer holidays. I personally wanted my bag to be slightly more stylish with utility and function when I’ll be carrying a laptop and a note folder, along with items like my wallet, makeup bag, pencil case, etc etc. phew that s*** get’s heavy! In high school and college I wore my Large Longchamp tote from the Le Pilage line. This bag is so worth the price. That’s 5 years of straight wear with heavy stuff inside not to mention I wore this bag in the Summer months as well to the beach, grocery shopping, travelling and more. I am a huge fan of the Le pilage line. It’s durable and when your bag gets a little dirty, which it will with that much wear, it’s the easiest thing to clean. Now that I’ve gone on a passion rant about the bag I wore, let’s talk about the other bags I’ve linked. Jansport is your classic backpack. It carries everything, also durable and easy to clean and that’s a serious must in a school bag. The Marc Jacobs tote reminds me of the Le Pilage. They’re also super comfortable because it’s part of their nylon line. I see these bags at Winners/Marshalls and Saks Off Fifth all the time so a discount is def doable. For Herschel I wanted to link something else besides the classic back pack. This tote is super stylish and has loads of utility for school when you’re carrying a laptop along with the kitchen sink everyday. Last but not least I have been craving buying the Swedish brand Fjallraven Bags. They’re water resistant and super durable, definitely meant to be used and abused; thus perfect for school. They were made for children going to school in the 70’s, and now has quickly become an iconic bag. I am no longer in school, though I may go back in order to actually get an internship at a magazine, so this bag for me would be great for travel in every form.

Some advice to you when shopping for a bag these coming weeks:

  1. Look for neutral colours and fabrics that are forgiving when your pen explodes or your hummus gets everywhere.
  2. Look at design, not just for looks but for utility and functionality-you’re most likely carrying a laptop along with your entire desk from home inside that bag everyday for months1
  3. Invest in price and quality-you wear it almost 365 days of the year so think of it as $1 per day-is it worth it?

Man do I miss school. Savour it, take risks, intern as much as possible as it will help you figure out exactly what you want to do, make connections and network (these people will come back to help or haunt you aha) and have fun! Get good grades obviously but also enjoy it. These years go by quick and trust me life gets real different just a few months after school officially ends. I wish I had read these sentences before I started College; and as much as I loved my then bf at the time I wish I was single. I would have had more time to focus on myself. So a tip, if you know they aren’t the one, be single; it will help you.

Good Luck!


How I Organize my Dresser Drawers: Tips and Tricks


I’m kind of an organized slob if you will (ask my other half what he calls me). Mostly my closet/dresser is organized and well-kept everyday, but come the need to find an outfit and you will find most of my clothes everywhere they shouldn’t be; but that’s every girl, right?

I have a a few tactics to keeping things neat and tidy while being easily accessible to avoid Tornado Layla when creating looks.

First off I bought this dresser from IKEA for two reasons:

  1. It was narrow enough to fit behind the door of the apartment I was currently living in.
  2. The two little top drawers and the amount of drawers it has all together helped cure my OCD of separating my clothing.

(It didn’t hurt that it’s also only $150.00 CAN so WIN.)

Slide21) Drawer one – top right.

This is where my under pinnings lay. I bought these Ikea ‘SKUBB’ drawer organizers forever ago. Ikea still makes them all year, every year because they are genius. For one thing they’re only $9.99, it’s basically robbery, and second they are this plastic sort of nylon like material for easy clean, and they zip up the middle so if you don’t need to use one of the 6 at the time they’re super easy to store along the side of your drawer until you need it. I was never a person that had OCD when it came to keeping things separate like foods on a plate or whatnot, but for some reason I highly enjoy my under pinnings being in their perfect and rightful home. It just makes my life that much easier when getting dressed. There is nothing more I hate than digging for something when it’s probably right in front of you.


2) Drawer two – top left.

This is where the other half of my under pinnings lay. I like to keep my full back undies and thongs separate because again, nothing like digging for something you need that’s most likely on top and just hiding in a mess. I’m all about avoiding the mess as much as possible because even though Molly from The Comfy Couch had a song to make it fun, it ain’t a good time; yes, I said ain’t.

In terms of socks I generally only wear black. I have a few fun pairs; sparkly, fruit themed, funny sayings etc, but when you’re going over to someones house and have to take off your shoes and are wearing white socks with stains, even if it is from your brand new adorable black leather boots, hunnay it just isn’t cute. I stock up on black ankle and mid-length socks all the time. They’re always on sale at Walmart. That way if you get a hole just chuck them and you’ll still have a thousand other pairs. I also have a small assortment of “liner socks“. You know, the kind that are made for flats that you don’t want to see poke out but you still need to wear socks so you don’t make your shoes stink or get a blister? Again, I stock up wherever I can and I buy the small tan nylon ones at the dollar store all the time because I go through them a lot. They get holes and stains from shoes, again not cute.


3) First Drawer

This is where I keep t-shirts and long sleeves that I don’t prefer to hang. For me that means they are just silly to hang because they’re basic tank tops, or they would get ruined on a hanger due to fabric and shape. This  drawer includes crop-tops, turtle necks, various tank tops and “house shirts”. In another one of the Ikea ‘SKUBB’ organizers I keep nylons because there’s really no where else for them to go.

4) Second Drawer:

Denim, denim, denim. We all know I’m obsessed with denim. Some pants I hang but I mostly roll them. Reiterating what I wrote above, I roll them from the top of the pant to the bottom so I can tell what jeans I’m grabbing for by the detail at the bottom. If they have rips or details I will fold them with the crotch out and then roll them from the top to bottom so I can tell if I’m grabbing my plain black skinnies or black skinnies with ripped knees.

You can also see the value village bag below of which is filled with items to donate. How I go through the process of what to donate/ keep/sell etc will be in a later post, if that’s something you’re in to? Email me if you have any requests or questions on wardrobe organization.

5) Third Drawer:

This is sort of my miscellaneous drawer. In it contains workout gear, sweat pants and another Ikea ‘SKUBB’ organizer with my bathing suits. I again roll all of the pants so that they fit tighter and can fit more into the drawer. That’s also how I pack to get more into my suitcase as well to avoid wrinkles! I am getting rid of loads of my old bathing suits this year and going to look for some new better quality suits. I tend to buy a lot of mix and matching pieces versus sets as I have my own body demons to deal with and don’t find sets to ever fit me right. Either the top fits and the bottom doesn’t or vice versa. When I do find sets that work I like to keep them together in the organizer. Sometimes I will roll them and then put a small not-harshly tight hair-tie to keep them together. Again, makes life simple when you’re on the go.


6) Fourth and Last Drawer:

This sad bottom drawer took a beating with the move. For some reason it doesn’t sit on the roller/slide part and falls off so it’s a bit wonky. It’s not the biggest deal because I think when I move again I want to get a big vintage beauty/vanity type dresser. I don’t fold much of my clothing anymore. I really just need a home for my under garments, bathing suits, PJs, and workout wear. This is all true if I find a home with a large enough closet that I can live out this vintage dream. On the other hand I truly love this Ikea dresser. It warms my OCD heart and makes cleaning my clothing tornado that much easier. If you have any tips or tricks on organization I’d love to hear them. If you have any questions always feel free to email me!

Happy Organizing!