#ootd October 27th, 2017

My bf’s plaid, H&M shirt, Hidden Denim, Zara shoes, Coach bag

Wore this to the AGO last week and out and about celebrating my boy on his birthday. I knew we’d be out all day and the weather was gorgeous so you could really wear whatever you want with a light jacket. I knew we’d be by the water going up in a helicopter for his birthday surprise with Heli-tours. Which I highly suggest! So fun. And then we were mid-downtown and if gets way warmer. Having my ankles show was a good idea to cool off a bit when the sun came out that day. I wore a long sleeve because the AGO is pretty drafty , as you can see I stole my man’s plaid. We went for the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit of which I also highly suggest checking out. Very cool!

#OOTD x Sept 16th

sept-16-2Joe Fresh Sweater (pyjama top), Gap Jeans, Vintage Scarf via Courage My Love, Shoes via Common Sort

Besides iPhone/Apple and all their crazy updates and changes to the software etc I think one of my fave things they ever added was when and where the photo was taken in albums. In this case it just helps me with the date, but with other memories it’s nice to have that extra information.

Anywho, style notes. So Toronto’s Fall is one of the most menopausal seasons ever.  It’s hot one minute in the sunshine then you hit shade or a cloud covers the sun and you are searching for your parka. So it’s all about smart layering. With this I threw on my leather jacket for added warmth closer to the evening and during the day added a silk scarf to the oversized cowl-like turtleneck in order to keep my neck a little warmer on this chilly day. Wearing open-toe shoes and ripped denim are key pieces in the Fall months while trying to monitor your temperature.

I personally think fall is fashion season. You get to play with all your jackets (we all know we have a leather, a bomber, a knee length etc etc), layer in interesting ways, colours become richer and dark long nails and dark lips are my favourite vampy accessory. I’ll be taking in all the street style inspiration this season. Show me whatchu got!




layla-1Joe Fresh Turtleneck, H&M Skirt, Cartel Footwear Booties, VV Boutique Belt, Courage My Love Scarf, Philistine Sunnies

I’m starting a New Series called #OOTD featuring the daily outfits I capture on my iPhone6. I don’t get to meet with my photographer Josh as often as I would love to to capture my current outfits; thus I want to switch things up for a little bit. I want MORE content on here MORE often and I imagine those of you that visit here do too. When I see Josh I’m going to change things up-explore more of the “trends” that have been forecasted by editors and influencers, and really get more creative with the shoots like the glossy pages you see in magazines and explore the art of styling.

To be honest the iPhone takes better quality photos than professional cameras half the time and just because Josh isn’t around to take my photos doesn’t mean I turn off my style. I certainly put effort in usually everyday. Yes I’m human and have lazier, sick , offish days etc but I almost never leave the house without thinking about what I’m putting on my body; even if I’m just popping over to the grocery store.

This series will showcase the what were lost photos on my iPhone6. The pictures I normally snap for Instagram purposes and I have saved for a #tbt or #latergram. I no longer want to save them as a distant style memory for future purposes so you’ll be seeing a lot more from my iPhone6 archives.