Valentines for Him/Yourself: Gift Guide 2018


This Valentines don’t forget your man! If you are celebrating this Hallmark holiday it’s important for both of you to be spoiled in whatever way you like to do so. I asked my man recently what he thinks a guy would want for valentines day and said ” a woman to spoil..” and then a word that rhymed with spoil. (take out the p). A real comedian that one. Regardless, he didn’t help so I had to get creative. I thought of all the things that he would enjoy and what guys I know might also like as a material type of gift. My guy loves baseball, good jewellery, good beard products, a tasty cocktail and adventures together. I think a really good gift is the gift of adventures together. Creating memories you can share together forever is priceless. Concert tickets to even a plane ticket, spontaneity I think is something every relationship can use to keep it spicy and feeling fresh. Remember Valentines is NOT about the material shit it’s about the guy or gal you’re spending it with. Remember to say I Love You, and Thank You for supporting me and loving me back. Love is pretty special.

1)  Gucci wallet
2) Concert tickets
3) Beard Balm from Crown Shaving Co.
4) Ray-Ban sunnies
5) Leather Jacket via The Bay
6) Signet Ring via Vitaly
7) Chisel toe Blundstones in a warm brown
8) Cocktail kit for the cocktail loving traveller via Indigo
9) Classy Cluse watch
10) A book in his interest to expand the mind via Indigo


Valentines For Her/Yourself: Gift Guide and a Little Relationship Advice


These might just be a few things that I want, but I have a feeling many women would enjoy a variation of these things this Valentines. I don’t “celebrate” Valentines normally but sometimes it can be a nice excuse for some romance. It’s nice to plan a dinner date and spend the day/night together to enjoy each other’s company. My best advice to any couple is to not have expectations, or at least unrealistic expectations of your partner. If you know they’ll never fulfill your expectations, have a look at your expectations; are they silly or are they important to you? Yes, it’s hard to break up and yes it’s hard to “be alone”, but if you’re with someone because you’re afraid of those things you’ll never actually be happy, or fulfilled and that is definitely NOT what life is about. Remember the things above are just material and can put a bandaid over a wound, but if you’re not happy with your relationship don’t stay together “just because”. Make sure this Valentines Day that your realistic expectations are being met.

1) Toronto Lingerie Designer Mary Young’s sweet pink set
2) Bauble Bar tasseled danglers
3) Luxury Footwear from Gucci
4) ‘Babe’ ring from Bluboho, Toronto jewellery designer
5) Workout top from Beach Riot with adorable heart prints
6) YSL pink lipstick
7) Yo Sox hearts and stripes socks
8) Le specs x Adam Selman ‘The Last Lolita’ sunnies
9) Cluse  watch in gold mesh
10) KKW new fragrance in Bae
11) Luxury fuchsia Gucci bag


Holiday Gift Guide: Pre-Teens


Christmas day is fast approaching and I know I’m going last minute shopping this week. I find it hard to shop for anyone of any age these days since trends are ever-changing, especially in the pre-teen territory. I have two pre-teens to buy for so I’m sticking to practical gifts they can use for years to come. I hope this gift guide helps you if you have a 9-12 year old girl or boy to buy for. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me please leave me a note in the comment section. Thanks for reading! xx

1) Instax Camera Via Best Buy Canada
2) JBL Clip On Portable Speaker
3) Old Skool Vans 
4) S’Well Water Bottle
5) E.L.F. Selfie Light
6) Sylas Pizza Hat Via Indigo
7) Walmart Bear Slippers
8) Bed, Bath and Beyond Marquee Light Box
9) Rainbow Tote via Forever 21
10) Nintendo Switch












Back to School: Bags!

Slide11) Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote
2) Classic Jansport Backpack
3) Herschel Tote
4) Longchamp Tote
5) Fjallraven Backpack

I think when heading back to school one of the hardest things to buy is your backpack, am I right? You basically wear this bag every single day, with the possible exception of weekends and Summer holidays. I personally wanted my bag to be slightly more stylish with utility and function when I’ll be carrying a laptop and a note folder, along with items like my wallet, makeup bag, pencil case, etc etc. phew that s*** get’s heavy! In high school and college I wore my Large Longchamp tote from the Le Pilage line. This bag is so worth the price. That’s 5 years of straight wear with heavy stuff inside not to mention I wore this bag in the Summer months as well to the beach, grocery shopping, travelling and more. I am a huge fan of the Le pilage line. It’s durable and when your bag gets a little dirty, which it will with that much wear, it’s the easiest thing to clean. Now that I’ve gone on a passion rant about the bag I wore, let’s talk about the other bags I’ve linked. Jansport is your classic backpack. It carries everything, also durable and easy to clean and that’s a serious must in a school bag. The Marc Jacobs tote reminds me of the Le Pilage. They’re also super comfortable because it’s part of their nylon line. I see these bags at Winners/Marshalls and Saks Off Fifth all the time so a discount is def doable. For Herschel I wanted to link something else besides the classic back pack. This tote is super stylish and has loads of utility for school when you’re carrying a laptop along with the kitchen sink everyday. Last but not least I have been craving buying the Swedish brand Fjallraven Bags. They’re water resistant and super durable, definitely meant to be used and abused; thus perfect for school. They were made for children going to school in the 70’s, and now has quickly become an iconic bag. I am no longer in school, though I may go back in order to actually get an internship at a magazine, so this bag for me would be great for travel in every form.

Some advice to you when shopping for a bag these coming weeks:

  1. Look for neutral colours and fabrics that are forgiving when your pen explodes or your hummus gets everywhere.
  2. Look at design, not just for looks but for utility and functionality-you’re most likely carrying a laptop along with your entire desk from home inside that bag everyday for months1
  3. Invest in price and quality-you wear it almost 365 days of the year so think of it as $1 per day-is it worth it?

Man do I miss school. Savour it, take risks, intern as much as possible as it will help you figure out exactly what you want to do, make connections and network (these people will come back to help or haunt you aha) and have fun! Get good grades obviously but also enjoy it. These years go by quick and trust me life gets real different just a few months after school officially ends. I wish I had read these sentences before I started College; and as much as I loved my then bf at the time I wish I was single. I would have had more time to focus on myself. So a tip, if you know they aren’t the one, be single; it will help you.

Good Luck!