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Glossier Haul+Review! via Toronto Pop Up Shop!

Recently Glossier had what some may call I semi-secret pop up in toronto because a ton of my friends messaged me and had no idea it was happening until my Instagram stories were flooded with video from the shop. I have always been really curious about Glossier and their products but it’s always been rather untouchable for us Canadians, until now! Glossier announced shipping to Canada which had us extremely excited but because I have never ever seen these products in person I just couldn’t understand them and get a true feel for how they work/look; then low and behold a POP UP! I could not contain my excitement I didn’t even ask a friend to come with I just zipped over. I wanted to be alone with the products and really feel it out for myself; although I really wish I had brought a friend because there were some pretty good photo op moments. To be truthful my best friend and I were going to go later in the day but there was an event so I went alone during the mid-day pre rush and bought her stuff for her, but I didn’t call anyone to join because I knew I wanted to be alone. My friend Steph is the best to shop with so if we had been able to go together it wouldv’e worked out really well hah.

Let’s talk products, shall we!

Phase one: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Moisturizing Primer, and Balm Dot Com

Milky Jelly Cleanser:

This is the best trio pack I have ever purchased. GOSH DANG! I was hesitant to review anything too soon, I really wanted to get a feel for these products before blasting the internet with my thoughts. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve used everything from glossier so I think I have a real understanding for how they’re working with my skin of which is veryyy sensitive and mainly dry. The milky jelly is an amazing cleanser for me. It feels super hydrating which is something I like. Sometimes cleansers can make you feel really tight and like all the moisture was sucked from your face and that must be why they don’t have a toner because this leaves my skin feeling like it just had a big glass of water. After I use the milky Jelly my skin is super smooth and glowy. This is my fave go-to face cleanser at the moment. I am obsessed with the consistency and that you can use it whether your skin is dry or wet, of course I do use a makeup wipe no matter what cleanser I use. For sure this is a re-purchase.

Priming Moisturizer:

From the second I tried this out at the pop up on the back of my hand I knew I had to buy the Phase One package. It comes out super fast because it’s quite a thin cream, and feels so soothing on my skin. My skin just sucked it up like a sponge. When I got it home and started using it as a primer before makeup after I had washed my face, I really started to understand the Glossier look. Dewy, fresh, and super radiant. It was great with my foundation (and good with every foundation I have used or my friends have used) and really just feels like you aren’t wearing anything, which is what I love most in any cream/primer etc.

Balm Dot Com:

You got dry lips? cuticles, elbows? Well honey look NO FURTHER. Balm Dot Com is the BOMB.COM I bought it in original salve with the no scent or additives to really get a feel for what this product can do. I love it on my lips, especially after  I have exfoliated them. I literally locks in the moisture it feels like a seal on my lips when I apply it. The only thing bad I have to say about it is the application. I wish it had a rounded tip with a tiny opening so you could apply it bottle to lip, I don’t love swiping my finger across the top to pick up product, lots of bacteria has the chance of making it’s way into the bottle. Otherwise I’m a big fan and would re-purchase this product, in all of it’s many flavours-next up for sure is coconut..

Next up: Cloud Paint

I bought this cheek tint in the colour buff and I’m sort of on the fence with this product. I think the colour shades/range could be a lotttt better. There’s only 4 or 5 and this one seemed the most pink that was wearable. The others were either wayyyy too pigmented or too dark and wouldn’t match with my skin tone. I think it’s an ok product, you have to be an all natural girl because you’re not getting much pigmentation. I can it’s not a standout blush for me because I’ve only reached for it twice to use it and that was the next day and the day after I bought it. When you have a lot of variation to choose from, sometimes it’s easy to see what you like and what you’re meh on from how much you reach for it. The consistency is really runny so be careful when opening the package. If you have the most perfect skin and are just looking for the slightest colour then cloud paint is great for you. The good thing is is it’s buildable. But don’t add a powder product into the mix, I don’t find they work well together at all. Glossier products seem to be a no-set situation.

Brow Boy in Brown

Guys, I can’t even with this product. I want to go out and buy every bottle that exists because I am afraid that it will go away one day. I don’t think I can live without this. It has such amzing colour pay off. It makes your brows look fresh and perky and busy, espeically if you have a couple caterpillars like I do. This is a product for the girl  who has fuller brows and is looking to fill in the sparse areas but keeeping them looking their most natural. I am not a draw on my brows kinda girl. Or the girl who has amazing shape and depth but needs some texture, the clear gel is yours for the taking.  I like to fill and define them with a powder and angle brush so it stays as natural as possible, and then set them with a brow gel of sorts. I just seriously can’t get over this product, it’s un-freaking-real. Re-purchase big time!

Lip Gloss:

To be honest, I bought this one just for the nostalgia and hype. I was a lipgloss girl big time. If you ever watched Lizzie McGuire, or So Little Time, or The O.C. lip gloss was a part of your upbringing. Personally at that time it was Juicy Tubes, we all had them and they were pretty pricey so we all thought we were pretty cool.

I think overall Glossier is a pretty wicked brand. They’re cruelty free, the price point isn’t terrible, and for the most part the products are great. I’m really hoping they set up a permanent home here in Toronto because I don’t know if I can wait the 5 business days for my next order, and lord knows I can’t afford that express shipping hah! I’m so happy I had a chance to check out all the products in their natural state, thank you Glossier for bringing yourself here to share with us Canadians, we beauty gurus appreciate it.

The products I regret not getting but also couldn’t afford to buy it all: Wowder, Stretch Concealer, Facemask Duo, Haloscope in Quartz and Moonstone, and Face mist. Also EVERYTHING ELSE!

Currently Craving: Fall Shoes 2017


I f***** love shoes and with our warmer fall we’re having I am craving all styles of shoes; loafers, pumps, booties etc etc. I have a vice and this is it.

1) Shiny Loafers by Something NavyXNordstrom
2) Slip on pumps by Jeffrey Campbell
3) Fancy shoes for day to night from the always price point friendly Spring 
4) The perfect Chelsea boot from Frye via Heel Boy
5) Ankle Lace up heel booties via Zara
6) My dream Gucci Loafers
7) Soft Suede pumps in the perfect fall shade via Nine West

Toronto is Tops!

Vintage T-Shirt via Vanguard Vintage, Vintage Lee Jeans Via Public Butter, New Balance Sneaks

Last weekend the boy and I took a trip to the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. I love my man, he’s even a more detailed and slower shopper than me! Sometimes I find myself finished in a store well before him. He has such an attention for detail (it’s probably his OCD hah), bottom line is I scored a man who loves to shop and I’m not giving him up! This year I scored some pretty good finds. Last year him and I didn’t find much, but this year was a little better for me. I finally gave in and bought a vintage Coach bag that I’ve been eyeing forever, I also bought a little wooden eagle carve out for my new place in the new year and got this amazing top from Vanguard Vintage that says Toronto is Tops! Are we kidding! It’s so perfect. The cotton is so soft and worn but no holes (such a bonus) and the navy with white piping is what the best vintage tees are made of! I also got another top that is super hippie, femme from Vanguard with lace detailing and bell sleeves with a cropped at the waist finish, very Woodstock appropriate. We went to the show on the last day so I got these shirts at a pretty good deal, as well as knocked off a couple bucks on the other items that I purchased. Depends if you want to get there first and not miss out on anything, or go and score last minute deals. Don’t miss the next vintage clothing and antique show —>here’s the link to get your email reminder and discounted entry for next year:

It’s Officially Fall!

Zara Jacket (Old, Similar), Hidden Denim, Zara Shoes (Old, Similar @Dr.Martens), Vintage Coach Bag, Thrifted Scarf, Ray-Ban Sunnies

Although Fall officially started back on September 22, it was extremely hot at the time, we’re talking felt tropical and muggy, and then all of a sudden mid day on the 27th the winds changed and it finally turned into scarf and jacket weather, which I know many of us are stoked on because we finally get to wear all of our fall pieces and layer on the fashion. I love the fall season and as much as I wish summer was forever I honestly would love to live in a place where it’s always fall. We’ve had some really beautiful days lately where the sun is shining with perfect blue skies accompanied by a crisp wind; the perfect weather for your best fall outfit. This fall I really want to take advantage of nature. Getting out there to do some apple picking, explore the trails just outside the city to take in the beauty of our country during the fall months as the trees change colour; before it turns grey and is covered in heaps of snow.