A real life travel outfit

H&M jacket, Joe Fresh sweater, Blue Notes sweatpants, Blundstone boots (so easy for security), Vintage tee, MEC backpack (similar), Longchamp purse, Forever 21 fanny pack

There’s nothing I love more than a good curated airport outfit, but it’s not that realistic if you’re “travelling” while you’re on vacation. We tend to hop around a lot when we go away because we want to see as much as we can. This trip was intended for us to be in London to be there for my boyfriend’s sister’s surprise engagement to her girlfriend, but we decided not to spend all of our time there and booked a last minute flight to Edinburgh, Scotland for the first half of the trip. With that all said, this meant it was carry on luggage only for 10 days in the UK in the Fall, talk about HARD! I clearly am fulfilled when my outfits aren’t on point so this was difficult. I had to pack outfits that were warm, that I could mix and match together as much as I could and that were sensible/comfy for walking around busy cities everyday. Maybe I’ll do a breakdown of what I packed and what I actually wore (half, gosh dang it). So I borrowed by best friend’s backpack, around 60kilo from MEC, and then in my Longchamp bag I had my carry-on size toiletries and plane snacks/entertainment for easy access, and in my fanny pack I carried my passport, money and pens because that all needs to be easily accessible at the airport/travelling especially with very compact luggage.

Would you want to know what I packed?

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