The summer of summer dresses

Wildfire dress via Winners, Keds sneakers, Thrifted bag, Common Sort Sunglasses

This summer I’ve worn more dresses than I can remember I ever have. I’ve been a jeans and tee/ top and pants type of girl my entire life, though I wouldn’t call myself a tomboy per say. I am a gemini so I can truly be two people at once. Yes I played sports as a kid and didn’t wear dresses as often as the other little girls, but I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty forever. When I wasn’t outside playing soccer, or hanging off the monkey bars I was at home putting together outfits and flipping through FASHION magazine. I feel very balanced in that sense with my style, which is why I think my personal style has always been about comfort and not about what’s in fashion as much; hence hanging in jeans and a tee but still keeping it trendy.

That all said, I’m not sure what it is that changed in me but I found myself gravitating towards dresses this summer more than ever before. Maybe it’s because it’s been extremely hot and I’m finding them much less fussy than multiple layers? I also just think dresses are having a moment and are being designed to be comfortable and not something you tug and fuss with the whole time you’re wearing it. That’s my biggest pet peeve about clothing, I don’t want to fuss or I’ll just turn around and change. Dresses I think this year for me have just been easy to throw on, and airy enough to keep cool and yet I still have this strange hesitation with dresses. I always feel over done! It’s actually kind of hilarious. I’ve been collecting summer dresses and forcing myself to wear them casually and now I don’t have as much of that feeling anymore. I think that feeling came from me not wearing dresses much when I was younger unless it was a special occasion and I would “dress up”. But now that I’m obsessed there are so many dresses I wish I could order specifically from revolve (have you seen bloggers this summer?!) but as a city girl on a budget I find myself at Winners more often finding just as great styles at a fraction of the cost. I have been looking for a simple dress with wooden buttons for a while now and couldn’t believe I found it (of course when I wasn’t looking). I went to winners to find a new top to wear to a last minute dinner since I was felt too casual and bam! this dress is on the rack. For 30$ I couldn’t be happier and my wallet is in good spirits too. I guess the moral of the story here is that the more you do something out of your comfort zone the more it becomes comfortable and like second nature. I would never reach for a dress first and now I do (currently about to go out in a dress).


What’s something that you never wore before that now you can’t take off? Let me know in the comments below!

Chow for now!



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