The Best Teddy Bear Coats for this Spring Season | Layla Lane


1) Cupcakes and Cashmere Via Nordstrom
2) Contrast Faux Fur Via Mango
3) Current Elliot Trucker Sherpa Jacket (SALE!)


This Spring is COLD! Tis the season for an easy throw on jacket that is equally stylish and warm “ish”. The “teddy” coat is the coat of the season. I think it’s effortless and chic and adds that touch of personal style when you’re in a slump and stuck wearing basics ( am I only referring to myself here?












4) A Literal Teddy Coat from Forever 21 
5) Oak and Fort #1683 (almost sold out)
6) Urban Outfitters Maroon Bomber


7) TOPSHOP Via The Bay
8) H&M Pink Pile Jacket
9)  Asos Tangerine Dream


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