All That Jazz

Thrifted Kimono, Public Butter Vintage Tee, Hidden Jeans via Winners, Zara booties

If you know me or you actually read my blog then you know how much I thrift and vintage shop. I definitely do it more than I buy fast fashion pieces and that’s because I feel like I have my basics down for the most part and now I’m buying pieces that add to my “collection” that I’m curating. Really cool, interesting, unique pieces I can reach for when I need a little something for an outfit. This shirt I could not pass up. It was $15 and tell me when you’ve ever come across a vintage dance tee, I have never in my 26 years, and atleast 12 of those years have been dedicated to thrifting. Fosse is a pretty big dang deal in the dance world so even though this shirt is very large, I had to have it. I like pairing bigger tees with something pretty and girly like this shiny kimono and tall boots. Just to give it a different edge. I would wear this out for drinks or dinner any night of the week.

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