Currently Craving: Fall Accessories


I love a good add-on. Dipping sauce, side fry, dangly earring and stacked rings, I am in. In the fall and into the Winter months it’s easy to fall into that rut of wearing dark clothing and accessories, mourning the loss of Summer and overall we’re cold here in Canada. But this season I’m going to try my hardest to pump up the volume in my accessories whether they have some colour to them, are statement pieces, or just are aesthetically pleasing to the eye to add some flavour to my most like outfit of black jeans and a black turtle neck. Currently I’m all about the gold. Not just because my nose ring just so happens to be gold, but it doesn’t hurt to match a little. I’m really into earrings right now as well. I have neeeever been an earring person but all of a sudden I’m very down with a dangly beauty hanging from my ear. Since we’re rolling into a darker season I wanted to change up my scent and I have been eyeing this one by Elizabeth and James. I have tried it on a few times at Sephora and then left to see how it blends with my skin chemistry and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it so that’s most likely my next purchase, right after I get my cavity filled. HELLO NO DENTAL COVERAGE! **I’m crying. Details and links below!

1) GLDN Inital Necklace ( “T” for my boy), I’m obsessed with this one’s raw finish and long chain to layer with my other gold chains.
2) YSL Ring, currently on sale at Haute Classics
3) Vintage Vibe Ray-Ban Sunglasses
4) Glossier Generation G in “Like”, because I’m obsessed with their products and this is the perfect pink closest to my lip shade
5) Bauble Bar drop earrings because lately I’m really digging dangly earrings
6) Gucci bag, a girl can dream
7) Shashi cuff with emerald accents for my birthstone
8) Elizabeth and James Nirvana roller ball scent. Tried it in Sephora and this is for sure my scent.
9) Triple layer Keds, I have been dying for a sneaker with some height! (I’m 5’1)
10) Shashi signet style ring, because I’ve been obsessed with trying to find the perfect signet and this is it!

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