Vintage Ralph Lauren button down via Public Butter, Cos Skirt, Joe Fresh Flats,

Thrifted Bag via Value Village

I bought this top 2 years back during one of the vintage crawls, which happens twice a year in Toronto and are two of the greatest times of year. I can’t believe this gorgeous silk top was only $20. The fit isn’t spectacular but I knew I could work with it and hello RL silk for $20. Done. I love vintage and thrift shopping because of the hidden gems, like this top, you can find. I find sifting through racks of clothing is therapeutic for me. I know many shake their head like huh! How? But it’s very true. I didn’t grow up in a very wealthy family either so I’ve always been a sale and thrift shopper. I don’t think you need a million bucks to look like a million bucks, or feel like a million bucks. Confidence in what you’re wearing is key. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it over and over that confidence and feeling comfortable will beam through your outfit if you feel good in it.

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