Transition Dressing: How to Transition Summer Pieces into your Fall Wardrobe

H&M Top, Levis Vintage Shorts, Joe Fresh Bag, Catherine Malandrino Mules

Toronto weather gets a little weird around this time in September and transition dressing is on your mind. You can tell it’s time to transition when the wasps and bees start to act a little strange. Last week was super cold, people were pulling out jackets and even rocking scarves early in the morning. This week on the other hand is super beautiful, blue skies and hot sun (when you’re in the sun); and that’s the catch. Transition dressing is all about balance. Above i’m wearing a long sleeve and balancing it out with shorts for when I am cooking in the sun, and the 3 quarter sleeves on my top help when I’m walking down a shady street and that fall wind catches you off guard.

It really is a daunting task to get dressed and try to figure out what to wear for the whole day when the weather can’t make up its mind. Like many, I’m so tempted to go out and buy all the brand new fall items dangling in the store windows, but I think right now it’s important to use what you have.  Balancing airy palazzo pants with turtle necks, mini skirts with leather jackets and chelsea boots, or like my outfit, a relaxed denim short with a longer sleeved flouncy top and mules. Fall dressing is truly about being comfortable and being able to change up what you’re wearing on-the-go. I always have a bomber jacket or light sweater with me that I can carry in my bag, or I like wearing a pair of denim that are lighter that I can roll the bottoms up if I am starting to get hot.  Another tip is to not throw away the idea of wearing colour or fun prints. Keep bringing them into your outfits to stand out from those that resort to the muted, darker colours that are typical of fall. My number one tip, check your weather app!


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