Lady in Leopard

Value Village top, Forever 21 shorts, Shelly’s London shoes 

Really at this point my blog should be called “Wear Anything, Eat Everything” because that’s what I seem to be doing lately. My style is based on feeling; either my mood or tangible comfort. On this day I ate A LOT. We went out for brunch at Cafe Neon where we are obsessed with their breakfast sandwich and hazelnut granola. We had a bad uber experience with them so they sent us a gift card. It’s hard to hate one of our fave go-to spots, but the chip is still there. After that we walked around, shopping the downtown core and made our way to Kensington Market for one of our favourite sandwiches at San Cosme. So good! Highly suggest it if you’re walking around Kensington and need a bite to eat.  Now all that said and ate, I needed to be comfortable as I ate my way through the city. My highwasted shorts are super old that they feel like my skin now so I can difinetely eat whatever the heck I want in them. I get super bloated after I eat almost anything so I always have to keep that in mind when I buy clothes that work for me. Also a mention on this $5 top because it’s the perfect leopard t-shirt I’ve ever seen.  VV boutique for the win!

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