Style File: Mary-Kate and Ashley

slide1Images via Google

MK and Ashley Olsen have always been on the top of my go-to Google when I need some inspiration and I’ve torn my closet open with clothes and shoes all over. Sometimes it’s easy to get dressed, I know exactly what I want to wear what shoes, lipstick etc; and then sometimes it takes me forever and I don’t even want to leave the house. I find, warning TMI, when I’m about to get my period I absolutely can NOT find anything to wear. I’m sure that’s a pretty typical symptom for most of my fellow ladies.

Anywho, MK and Ashley have an ease to their style, I’m sure comes from the helping fact that they have a bagillion dollars, they never look like they have to try very hard. They always have the best accessories, I am more obsessed with shoes and bags then anything, and they’re never the designer accessories you see sprawled across people magazine that “all the stars are wearing”. These are women of fashion and true style. They find classic pieces with forever life behind them. I have always been intrigued by the pieces they choose. Basics that are worn in interesting ways alongside one-time wear pieces including outrageous prints, emroidery and more. Since Google was a thing I’ve been image searching these two and before Google I have a bunch of scrapbooks I made over the years as a pre-teen that I can’t part with. It’s always fun to look back here and there to see what I was inspired by. Who is your fashion inspiration? What images do you Google when you’re in a rut?

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