Picnic 1Zara Dress and Heels

This is NOT a dress I would normally go for but the cut had me at H.E.L.L.O. Even the way it hung bodiless, motionless and messy on the hanger I knew it I had to try it on. The cut of this dress is cute and sexy at the same time with the longer tea-length skirt, a bit of mid drift, and the tie up bra style top, not to mention this dress is outrageously “easy access”; good for like the third date? I wish it came in a basic colour so I could wear it every day. Gingham isn’t an everyday vibe for me personally but more something I could see myself in if I had an event to go to that was a fashion forward yet a professional setting, or something like a casual wedding, baby/wedding shower or fancy brunch. It’s super light weight too as Summer is not giving up on us here in Toronto, so thrown on with a pair of comfy sandals you could easily stroll around town in this and I guarantee people would ask where it’s from.

Picnic 6

Picnic 2

picnic 3

picnic 5

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