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Life of Manek Bomber, Thrifted Dress, Topshop Crop Top, Checkered Vans, DIY Coker, Bittersweet Chain, Philistine Sunnies

Almost every street style savvy girl/guy has a variation of a silk bomber resting on their shoulders these days. I didn’t give into the trend right away because I didn’t want to purchase a fast-fashion version. I went out to the Spring edition of the Toronto Vintage Crawl recently on a mission to find the perfect bomber and I found it at the first store I popped into (as well as it being one of my favourite vintage shops in the city didn’t hurt,) Life of Manek. The colour and fact that it actually fit would have got me to purchase it anyways but guys it was $5! The vintage crawl is so great and supporting local shops is a shopping rule I live by. I hardly shop at any malls anymore unless I’m looking for something very specific that I’ve seen in a magazine, on another human or just browsing the new trends of the season.

This post contains some of the things I think every fashion conscious girl, even guy, should have readily available in their closet this Summer: colourful sunnies, a leather choker, checkered vans, denim overalls and a sweet coloured bomber jacket. Having just a few trendy pieces at affordable prices that you can seamlessly coordinate endless outfits with will make your life that much easier when getting dressed for the heat.

This jacket also brought back a really cute memory for my mother. I had it hanging up one day when I took it off and she looked at it like she saw a ghost. She said she couldn’t believe I was wearing that jacket and that she had owned practically the same one when she was younger, not to mention it was green. Her and all her girlfriends used to wear them together. I’ve always been inspired by my mom’s old photos and the fashions, but I had no IDEA her’s was green! Funny right!?

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