Cool Mule

DSCF7617Zara Jacket (Old, Similar), Mama Loves You Vintage Tee, Joe Fresh Bralette, DIY Jeans,
Pedro Miralles Mules Via Winners

This post is dedicated to “buying the damn shoes!”
I honestly believe that if you really want it, buy it. Why not? Cause you’re “saving” for a rainy day? Cause your momma told you to stop spending your money? (K so those are my excuses.)
You live once, and if that purchase is going to change your day and make it that much brighter, GET EM’!

I passed these shoes up a couple of months back on one of my frequent excursions to Winners. I debated them forever and ultimately made the decision to leave without them. Let me tell you how I went back and they were gone and have continued to haunt my dreams. They even showed up in my subscription to LouLou Magazine just to mock me. Much to my disbelief I FOUND THEM last week. The Winners on Front Street is my hidden gem and love of my fashion heart. I scooped them up and ran out the door pretty much. JK, my best friend will tell you I continued to debate, but I knew I had to get them and then return them if I ended up changing my mind. Clearly I didn’t do that. These are mine for flipping ever. My obsession with 70’s rock and roll style is fulfilled.








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