Apple Tart


This is an interpretation of a dessert I can never forget about that I had at a Valentine’s dinner years ago and always wanted to re-invent. It stuck with me because, with my luck, I am allergic to all spice (cloves, cinnamon etc) and the tart we had was simple and delicious. This is something that you truly enjoy the basic flavours of the ingredients you’re using. I got the recipe here after watching Ina Garten make her version on Barefoot Contessa (FAVE). Since it’s Fall, though feeling like Winter lately, it was the perfect time to try it out with delicious apples being in season; and only natural to invite a friend along to help, share memories…and be my guinea pig!

Simplicity is key in our hectic lives. This is something you can make any day of the week, quickly, and yet it comes out tasting like something you’ve spent hours on. Of course, I highly suggest you making your own puff pastry, I didn’t because this was a trial that somehow turned out really great with the use of Phyllo dough. The super crunchy, caramelized bits are to die! I also made a honey glaze to go over top in substitute for apricot jelly and rum. Next time, vanilla ice cream melting on top.

Side note: I’ve always been an apple lover, must be because that was my momma’s craving when pregnant with me…interesting…









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