Grey Bae


 S4C “Long Hugs” Sweater, Joe Fresh Jeggings, Rain Boots and Scarf

I’ve been digging a monochromatic palette for a while now: white on white, black on black, grey on grey; so on and so on . It’s definitely difficult because if the shades are wrong it just doesn’t work, but I’m up for the challenge. I liked the dusty grey look both the sweater and jeans have, so paired together they blend well. It was also a reflection of how I felt that day: rain, rain GO AWAY! (but don’t bring snow). Not to mention, we can all use a long hug turned snuggle on a grey day.

I had a conversation/long rant recently about incorporating Beyonce and possibly placing her head on some outfits, so what better post than this one? Everyone loves a good rhyme, like Jay-Z. Yep, I went there.

*As you read play this*

All hail Queen Bae




Am I right?




*Photography  by: Steph Eic

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