Jean Machine


Joe Fresh Chambray, DIY Jeans (Old Forever 21), Vintage Shoes (Similar, Modern Vice), Thrifted Dagger Necklace, Arm Party: HM, AEO, Thrifted

I am now “death warmed up” sick, and avoiding the camera lens at all costs since I am currently ricking the Rudolph glow. This outfit I wore this week leading up to knowing this day was coming. When I know I’m getting sick but have to look presentable I run to my comfort clothes. Though many don’t associate a Canadian tux ‘comfort clothing’, I do. Jeans are my comfort zone and I always have a good old soft worn-in pair like so. These babies I’ve had since early high school (gives you a sense of how much I’ve grown). I wore them to bits then threw them into the back of  the fashion vault as I replaced them with newer, trendier jeans. Though some people follow the rule of “one in, one out” when you make a similar purchase, I get separation anxiety. So, I opened the vault and revamped them a little by chopping off the bottom and roughing them up. I like how vintage and light they look and they feel like you’re wearing nothing. That $15 went a long way in grade 10. Thank you Forever 21.





 ^The perfect fall shoes^


DSCF6995One of my favourite locations to shoot is the Canadian Opera Company building. Endless hidden nooks and spots to take great photos.

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