Fuzzy Additions

DSCF6852Winners Vest, Joe Fresh Tee, American Eagle Cargos, Vince Camuto Heels, Brandy Melville Necklace (Similar)

I have this obsession with any sort of sweater or vest that is hairy, fuzzy, etc. I love to add texture to an outfit. Like creating a piece of art, or a dish to eat. Your palette needs something more than just one note; gets kind-of dull. I picked this vest up at Winners and have since added it over my leather jacket almost every day.  Because they’re both black it looks like a super interesting coat. Weeks later the sales associate asked me where I got my jacket until she realized it was the vest from the store. I get a true thrill and ‘high’ out of inspiring people and their next outfit I see them planning in their heads.

It’s always the pieces that cost next to nothing I obsess over and pat myself on the back for actually buying because they do pay off and are usually the pieces people compliment or ask about. I highly support impulse buys, they pay off!






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