Fall Basics

DSCF6820Joe Fresh Cardigan, T-Shirt and Scarf, Vero Moda Pants (Similar), Vince Camuto Booties (found at Winners, STILL THERE!), H&M Bag

There are a few basic pieces you need in your fall wardrobe. For me recently they consist of a couple over-sized knits, large scarves (plaids and prints) that double as blankets, leather pants, great fitting denim including white this season, flowy skirts, beanie (duh), chelsea boots, and a statement coat. Seasoned basics should carry over for you every season, that’s why they’re called ‘basics’. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg every season for new pieces, unless you have the freedom to do so. I would say each season, if you want to indulge, do it on a great coat, bag or shoe that is on trend that season. Chances are you’ll get to wear it atleast one more season or it could come back in style if it’s a classic cut and colour (hence why collecting great vintage designer pieces is a thing!).







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