Urban Outfitters Dress(Similar Styles Here and Here), Coach Heels, H&M Rings

This past weekend I attended an amazing person’s wedding that I am proud to share a bloodline with. My cousin is such an awesome guy, your wife is lucky to have yah! Attending an evening summer wedding can be daunting. Women just have too many options, and that doesn’t help us it just makes it more complicated. Too much choice is not a good thing-think of a man standing in a sea of beautiful women; “S.O.S”.Women spend tireless amounts of hours on what they’re going to wear. I dread the day I have to buy my own wedding gown; future bridesmaids you get a colour palette so go nuts and try to find a dress. During the months leading up to the wedding my mother and I were still at a loss. It’s when it comes to crunch time that we finally decide.

Attending a wedding at a castle no less (hi enter the set of Reign at Casa Loma) I truly was stuck on what to wear. I over think any outfit, even going to the grocery store sometimes (anyone that knows me can vouch for me there). So I went with black and a coloured shoe for a pop of colour, might I add I snagged these Coach beauties at a killer discount at Winners; hello #winnersfabfind. LBDs are something you’ll never get rid of and tend to be timeless depending on the cut. My fave LBD I own thus far.

When it comes to attending a wedding, don’t be afraid to have some fun with fashion. You’re the guest, spotlight isn’t on you so don’t expect too many eyes. And if you’re single dress HAWT, ladies this can be the place to meet your man. Love is in the air and everyone is feeling fuzzy inside. Snag a dance and his heart in your drop dead outfit!

Here are some of my picks for end of summer weddings that go beyond a dress.

I also never really thought of Casa Loma for a wedding. You think people go there to get a history lesson as a kid in school, why would they want to attend a wedding there; but it is truly an outstanding venue. While the wedding party took photos we were able to go on self tours of the castle during reception. Some receptions are so painful, especially when you’re the date of someone in the wedding party so Casa Loma wins that aspect. It’s also gorgeous with the city in the background at night, the fountains, and the flower garden that is never ending. As a blogger you start to take in your surroundings and note great places to go back and snap photos-note, Casa Loma is on my ‘return to take photos’ list. The inside is romantic and vintage (duh), so if that is the style of your wedding I suggest it. It was also set-up really well. You walked in and were able to enjoys drinks at the bar and head outside for air. Then down the hall they said their vows. We were then headed back to the entry hall for drinks and tours where dinner was set up in the room next door. You could see where they said their vows earlier from the dining room and the dance floor was the perfect size within.

One of Toronto’s top wedding venues for sure!









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