Mason Jar Treats

Mason Jar Cake

(Photo from Instagram: @layla_lane)

This year we all unfortunately spent my mom’s birthday apart. It’s hard to have older children, all of us working and trying to get together to celebrate at the same time. Knowing this year my mom wouldn’t have us all in the same place, I made her birthday cake in individual mason jars for easy transport. While my mom and I enjoyed ours late that night with tea after I came home from work, she was able to bring my sister and niece’s treat to her place earlier that day. Mason jars, as “hipster” as people call them, are the best vehicle to hold individual treats. They seal tight, food stays as fresh as possible, they’re not plastic so great for the Earth, and are easily stacked in the fridge and bags “to-go”. Although, portion size was kind of large (yes, we all ate the whole thing to ourselves), it’s about self-control!

I made this cake last year (find recipe here) after my girlfriends and I visited Whittamore’s farm. Though this post is a bit behind from my mom’s birthday and when we went picking last month, PYO season is still hot and happening. So get out there, then come home and make this; you won’t be disappointed!

I love you momma!











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