Empire State of Mind

DSCF6421Joe Fresh Tee, DIY Jeans (even more distressed,last seen here), Coach Sandals, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Vintage and Custom Necklaces, Guess Watch

I have this obsession with oversized tee’s and the way that guys wear them. The last guy I dated always wore plain tees, usually black, with the sleeves rolled up. I didn’t realize how much that inspired me until I bought this tee, in a size larger than I normally would have. I also don’t generally buy/own tees, let alone graphic tees, but I felt this one was a good leeway into buying more as the colour and print are pretty subdued.

These pants were last seen many posts ago. I wore them a few times after I distressed them but then again folded them into the back of my closet. So, true to self to make things ‘wearable’ again, I brought out the scissors. I’ve seen these jeans everywhere lately, cut off and frayed at the bottom; thus I’ve since gone and cropped  (taken scissors to) a bunch of other jeans I don’t wear. I love the way they look with a short heeled bootie, strappy heels and/or strappy flat sandals.





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