Just Do It

DSCF6397DIY Nike Sweater, Forever 21 Jeans, Nike Kicks, Custom and Vintage Necklaces, Old Navy Bag, Ray-Ban Sunnies

This sweater has been in my life forever. My mum and dad shared it as a “house” sweater (something you don’t show the neighbours). It has quite a bit of history with paint stains, rips and not to mention the sleeves that looked like a 6000 pound man tried to put it on. My mom came into my room a few nights ago with the sweater asking if I wanted it. I hadn’t seen it in years so I said yes because I’m a clothing hoarder and I had this inner childhood attachment to it , but I ended doing what she did and folded it into my closet. I was then looking through my closet doing the “I have nothing to wear” dance and groan trying to style a few blog outfits and I pulled it out and put it on. I tried rolling the sleeves but it ended up looking just as heinous because the sleeves are so stretched, So I whipped out the scissors and chopped them off. My dad (my co-photographer)  was a bit offended because of his attachment to it; but my point to this whole thing is if you have something in your closet that you won’t wear the way it is, don’t let it sit there. What’s the point? ”Grow a pair” and go to town with scissors, they’re my best friend to re-vamping old pieces I won’t wear as is. And if all is said and done and you still don’t like it, DONATE! Someone will like it.






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