Get Her Look: Carrie Bradshaw


Every fashion girl has a style crush on Carrie Bradshaw, whether or not they like to admit it. I am not one to hide my adoration for Bradshaw and the endless nights of re-watching Sex and the City episodes for outfit inspo. In my opinion Bradshaw is one of the best characters with ever-changing, risk taking style on television that is still classic and inspiring today. We have Patricia Field and Sarah Jessica Parker’s friendship to thank for some the most memorable sartorial looks on the show. Designer name dropping in every episode (have you seen that video lately?),these brand names are in the vocab of fashionistas that can and can’t afford them from D&G, Halston Heritage, to Calvin Klein. Sex and the City made being a fashion risk taker desirable; as well as guilty pleasure filled nights of drinking cosmos, having and talking sex and smoking.

1) Classic Ray-Ban aviator
2) Iconic monogramed Carrie necklace
3) Designer handbag-Gucci
4) Figure-hugging American Apparel dress
5) Sexy, strappy Zara sandal

When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.”

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