Stripes and Plaid


 Joe Fresh Dress, Unknown Plaid (Similar), Converse Chucks, Necklace (I made, pendant from Kensington Market), Ray-Ban Sunnies, Roots Purse

 Vertical stripes are usually no ones best friend. They tend to widen by tricking the eye. Even on my small frame I don’t exactly want to look wider. Surprisingly this dress did none of that! I paired it with a flannel tied around the waist, though I have to say I am tiring of the trend after seeing it on every girl; but I enjoy mixing prints, and plaid and stripes together are one of my favorites. Also, anything I can pair my rugged old converse with, understand.  This uber comfy, A-line cut Joe Fresh maxi is a go-to on hot days. The racerback, which tends to be an athletic cut, also makes it more casual when sometimes wearing maxi pieces can feel too over-done.

 No fuss pieces are a must living in this muggy city in the Summer, and now that it’s officially Summer I can’t wait for the weather to stay hot (let’s hope), and also sunny! There are loads of things to do in Toronto in the Summer months including: outdoor concerts, (persona)l food tours of the places I want to check out, Summerlicious, local parks and beaches with friends, flea markets, exploring my favorite neighborhoods etc.  I’ll be posting my adventures along the way on here so stay tuned!

DSCF6070   DSCF6090 DSCF6102   DSCF6092 DSCF6106 DSCF6121

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