American Eagle Moto Jacket (Last Year), Vintage Top (Mom’s, Similar), H&M Skirt, Zara Heels (Higher Version), Vintage Snakeskin Clutch, Mendocino Ring (Similar), Suzy Shier Necklace (Similar), Pamela Lauz Earrings, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Sally Hansen Nails in “White Out”

I wore this out to dinner with friends for my birthday last Friday. Finally the weather has been warm enough and I have the excuse to publicly wear my new zara (staple of the Summer) strappy sandals and no longer trot around my house praying for warm weather and a social life. I am obsessed with them. A little “Clueless” 90’s vibe with the block heel, and they are a serious contender for the most comfortable heels I own. Also, in love with this ‘tribal’ esque print woven skirt. I bought it on sale in the Winter after I eyed it every time I went to H&M and just wasn’t sure about it, then I find it on sale! It was meant to be mine, right? Yes, I can answer that. They now have it in blue! I think blue (in every tone) is the colour of the summer-not bright yellow-us pale girls can’t handle that.

My friends joined me at Terroni on Adelaide. Hi, can you say delish? Though birthdays always seem to bring on a slight buzz kill as we’re getting older and no longer have sleepovers that include prank calling cute boys, watching scary movies all night, eating cake for breakfast or getting loot bags; I guess I learn to appreciate those around me who care to celebrate the fact that I am a walking, breathing person they enjoy in their lives. That said, thanks friends- here’s to more years of fun, friendship (and good food).








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