Birthday Wishlist

So my birthday is around the corner, May 30th, and these are a few items that have been on my wish list. It’s always hard for me every year when friends and family ask me ‘what do you want?” I always have this feeling of guilt that I need to rack my brain for what I “want’ or “need”, I mean sure being born is a great deal, but I’d rather enjoy a delicious meal with those I love, and love me most (which is planned so gifts are a plus). That said, I either ask for something big I’ve been eyeing or like pictured above, small things I’ve been meaning to grab and forget about but have been seriously craving for a bit of time.
As another year creeps up, I truly reflect on the year as if it’s New Years Eve just before my birthday flies by once more. Big changes in my life always seem to happen right before my birthday as well. It’s interesting how your life plays out and how you reflect back on lessons learned (or not and hope to), and the good I hope another year older (and wiser) has in store for me.
Wish List:
1) Nasty Gal headpiece
2) H&M shopper tote
3) Top Shop sunnies coloured and 4) cat eye 
5) Nasty Gal leg chain
6) Brandy Melville halter top in purple
7) Essie “Lilacism”
8) Nasty Gal body chain
9) MAC semi-orange-hued lipstick in “Lady Danger”
10) DKNY Rollerball duo of Be Delicious and Golden Delicious

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