Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

I won’t make this about the ladies and what they should get. It’s a given. Valentine’s Day is always about the girl and that great piece of jewellery she’ll get after a delicious dinner at a great restaurant, followed by a bubble bath and champagne *kew the romantic music*; and yes that was entirely stolen from a Harlequin Romance novel and every girl’s fantasy.
But ladies, Valentine’s should kind of be about the guy, no? He (should be) great to you all the time: opening doors, buying/making you dinner, maybe flowers just for being you, and surprising you with that bag you were eyeing in the window of your favourite boutique (k, the last part was about me).
Valentine’s is just another day says myself and the other bitter single ladies on the 14th of February, but let’s recognize him for a change if we aren’t single, because he’s pretty great right? Handsome, funny and the smartest man you know-duh, he’s dating you!
1) A vinyl of his fave album or song
2) Chocolate body paint-a gift for both
5) A great watch-if you’re married/engaged get it personalized
Other ideas: Concert/play/trip/sporting event tickets (something to look forward to/ or do that night), cook all of his favourite dishes at home (naked? he’s a man ladies), set-up an at home nude model painting (he paints you),  get your pictures done in gorgeous lingerie and put it together for him as a book (if he travels a lot),  make him breakfast in bed, cuddle and watch a whole season of his favourite show-the list goes on.
Get creative girls and guys-he’s special too.
Find more ideas here.

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