Oh Canada!

H&M Pea Coat, Vest and Mittens, Thrifted Plaid, Buffalo Jeans Top, Forever 21 Jeans (Old, Similar), UGG boots, Hudson’s Bay Olympic Collection Hat (This Year’s)
With that huge snow fall last week and freezing cold temperatures it’s felt like a true Canadian Winter this year, eh? And what better timing than with the Olympics on?! Fittingly I threw on my “CANADA” hat I bought from The Bay during the last Winter Olympics. I can’t help but feel super patriotic cheering on our athletes in Sochi.
The snowy weather is something I love and my true Canadian self comes out (although I really am over it and crave balmy weather). I bought my UGGs a few years back and they are the best purchase I’ve made. Compared to the typical sheepskin UGGs, these keep your feet dry and warm, no blisters and I don’t think they’re “UGGly” like others say. Don’t hate until you wear them-your opinion will change.
Go Team Canada!

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