Gift Guide 2013

Gift shopping for that special guy can seem daunting, but men are simple creatures so don’t over think it. Gift-giving can be narrowed down by the type of guy he is: musician, sporty, fashion-forward etc., and you can easily run with that. Also, think about whether he needs something, has been looking at or mentioned a particular item, or even getting him a quirky keepsake depending on how long you’ve been friends/together. FYI ladies or gents, you can never go wrong with socks. Here are a few items to use as a guideline when you’re making your list and checking it twice.

4) Shaving Soap ($7)
5) Photo Booth ($19.95)
6) Guide to Urban Moonshining ($17.52 On Sale)
7) Tie and Square Combo ($34.99 On Sale)
8) Razor Relief ($14.00)
10) Cabin Flip Mit ($48)
11) Lodge Socks ($16.50)

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