Winter Warm-Up

1) Filippa K Wrap
2) Joe Fresh Cape
3) Talula Military Inspired Cargo Jacket
4) The North Face Puffer Jacket
5) Judith&Charles Men’s Inspired Coat
6) J.Crew Camo Vest
7) Babaton Classic Camel Coat
8) Joe Fresh Motto Aviator Jacket
9) Topshop Wide Collar Pea Coat
I am a sun baby at heart and worship the Summer months when they arrive. I was never one to welcome Winter with open arms but that’s changed in recent years and I have embraced the season; especially when I have a great coat to hide in. Toronto has some odd Weather and I find the need to own a few different types of jackets and coats. From light-weight and water proof to Arctic cold worthy, here are my favourite jacket styles and colours this Season and my top three Winter jacket picks worth their price tag.
1) The North Face Classic Black Jacket
2) Canada Goose Berry Stained Parka
3) Community Organic Parka

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