Dad’s Tee

Zara Blazer, Dad’s Tee, Forever 21 Jeans, Donald Pliner Smoking Slipper, Jewellery: Vintage, Custom, Forever 21, Bittersweet
I love band tee’s (seen here and here). The feel, the story, the look; everything about them works. This one in particular is my dad’s from when he was a young lad (Metallica was and is still his life) and I’ve been stealing it for as long as I can remember. Though he doesn’t always appreciate it coming back to him smelling girly, I can’t get enough of this shirt. It’s super comfy, has holes and paint all over it, and is a statement maker. This is one of the items that will be addressed to me in his will.

Here are guidelines to find the perfect vintage tee if you can’t steal your dad’s:

  • Faded imagery/washed out colour
  • Loose, thin material, small holes
  • Old logos, team names, tour dates

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