Strawberry Fields Forever

Aritzia Tank, Urban Planet ‘Boyfriend’ Jeans, Birkenstocks, Vintage Jewellery, Ray-Ban Aviators, Guess Watch
My girlfriends and I started a new tradition this past week to go strawberry picking. We realized sometimes we get too caught up in our lives and don’t spend enough time having fun adventures together; after all, creating memories that we can talk about years to come is what life is about.
I’m glad that Birkenstocks are no longer being looked at as the ugliest shoes on earth and instead a fashion trend, I’ve been wearing them forever! Birks are easy to throw on and go with any summer look, and if you collect them in multiple styles and colors you’re set. A shoe that’s comfy and good for you is unheard of so let’s just hope they don’t go out of style again.
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